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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders* - In-Stock Orders Ship Within 1-2 Business Days

Samson Airline Micro Earset Wireless Microphone System

by Samson
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Easy to Charge, Easy to Use, Wireless, Water Resistant & The Smallest Ever.
The Samson AirLine Wireless Microphone System combines the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology offering unmatched extended use, with high-quality sound that produces crystal clear vocal audio.

Do not let the size of this fully rechargeable UFH wireless microphone system deceive you. The impressive comfort, superb reliability, and exceptional versatility of this system prove that Samsons smallest creation ever is a stand-out choice.

The water-resistant design is well-suited for the fitness industry by protecting the microphone and transmitter from moisture or sweat during high-intensity workouts. The quality of the sound will not be compromised due to moisture levels, essential for group fitness.

Offering expressive movement and a hands-free experience, the transmitter's streamlined design features an Omni-directional microphone with the ability to recognize your voice during periods of fast or heavy activity and amplify it for perfect vocal audio consistency.

Product Features:

  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries for Extended Battery Life 
  • Micro-Sized system - Comfortable, Reliability & Crystal Clear Audio
  • Water Resistant Design for Transmitter and Microphone protection
  • Rated for seven classes per week
  • USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver
  • Easily accessible receiver docking station with a USB DC input 
  • Efficient recharging capabilities, eliminating the time spent charging
  • Samson Airline Micro User Manual (includes setup and specs)

Water-resistant design
Leaving belt packs behind, AirLine Micro employs the AH2, a complete earset transmitter for total freedom and uninhibited movement. The transmitter features an omni-directional microphone to ensure your voice is picked up and amplified even during periods of fast, heavy movement. Plus, its water-resistant design protects the mic and transmitter from moisture and perspiration that can accumulate during intensely active performances.

Ideal for fitness professionals
The AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System is a high-performance micro-size UHF wireless solution ideal for fitness professionals looking for clear vocal reproduction while keeping their hands free. The system's advanced technology and total convenience allow instructors to maintain complete focus on any fitness demonstration. To mention only a few, AirLine Micro is perfect for leading classes in group-exercise, Jazzercise, kickboxing, Pilates, and yoga. In addition, AirLine Micro's transmitter is specially treated with a water-resistant coating, providing extra protection from the sweat and other moisture that comes with physical fitness.

More Info

Airline Frequency Note: If you’re not sure which Airline frequencies work in your area: let AV Now choose. High powered UHF digital broadcasting varies from city to city and can interfere with UHF wireless mic operation. AV Now uses the most current FCC information to make sure your Airline frequency will operate without interference in your area.

AirLine Micro Earset System:

  • Wireless UHF system with micro-size AH2 transmitter and AR2 receiver
  • Tone squelch and auto mute for clear operation
  • Includes a convenient system carry case
  • Includes AC adapter and charging cables

AH2 Transmitter

  • Earset transmitter and omni-directional microphone with no beltpack
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (5-6 hours of operation)
  • USB DC input for recharging
  • Single button operation for power, mute and volume
  • Water-resistant

AR2 Receiver

  • Low-profile wireless receiver (2.36" x 1.67" x .51")
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (7-8 hours of operation)
  • USB DC input for power and recharging
  • 3.5mm balanced mic/line level output

AR2 Dock

  • Provides secure base for AR2 receiver during operation and/or recharging
  • USB DC input for power and recharging (cables included)
  • 3.5mm balanced audio output (cables included)

Channel Frequencies

  • Channel K1: 489.050 MHz
  • Channel K2: 490.975 MHz
  • Channel K3: 492.425 MHz
  • Channel K4: 477.525 MHz
  • Channel K5: 479.100 MHz
  • Channel K6: 480.475 MHz
  • Channel N1: 642.375 MHz - discontinued
  • Channel N2: 642.875 MHz - discontinued
  • Channel N3: 644.125 MHz - discontinued
  • Channel N4: 644.750 MHz - discontinued
  • Channel N5: 645.500 MHz - discontinued
  • Channel N6: 645.750 MHz - discontinued

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