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The Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-mic System: A New Wave

The Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-mic System: A New Wave

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Group fitness instructors are busy. We don't need to tell you that. You travel from gym to gym in order to make a living.  You do hours of high-energy classes each day in all sorts of different settings. That can mean lots of variables in clients, rooms, and audio systems among other things. With all that going on it's nice to have something that can keep you settled and comfortable. Whatever else is going on, having a reliable and comfortable wireless microphone headset system is a must have.

You can't get much better than the Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-Mic System and today we're going to break down how it can help you deliver the best fitness classes possible! 

Fitness Audio U-Series Mini-TX E-mic System

Fitness Audio U-Series Mini-TX E-mic System


Product Info NO BELT PACK. FITNESS RATED DURABILITY. Built for fitness (up to 20 classes per week) with a single SEALED on/off switch, coated circuit board, NO BELT-WORN TRANSMITTER. 8 channel selectable for those cities that have crowded airwaves or… read more

The Sound

What's the most important thing about a wireless microphone headset system? The sound! The Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-Mic System has an 8-channel UHF system to make sure you find the clearest signal. That's great if you're in a busy wireless area. 

It also features Tone-Coded Transmission, which cleans up your sound by eliminating any surprise sounds that pop up on wireless frequencies. 

On top of that the E-Mic microphone has a noise-cancelling element, which will clean up your sound even more. This is especially important if you work in rooms without the best acoustics. Like maybe a gym?

The Durability

The last thing you need is a system that won't hold up. You don't need to worry about that with the Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-Mic System. It's easy to see that this is a system made with fitness instructors in mind.

First of all, everything about the system is made to resist the one thing that kills most fitness wireless microphone systems: sweat and moisture. That won't happen with this one.

Here's why:

·     The circuit board features specially designed O-ring seals

·     The circuit board is Marine-Grade and coated

·     The On/Off switch is sealed

·     The boom arm on the E-Mic headset is epoxied to protect the boom joint from sweat

·     The E-Mic has special Water Immersion Screens

·     The E-Mic has a steel cable for better sweat insulation

·     The Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-Mic System is sweat-rated for up to 20 classes per week 

·     It comes with a 1-year warranty for the wireless system and a 1-year warranty for the mic.

In short, that means this is a workhorse of a system you can rely on.

The Comfort

Another reason the E-Mic is one of the biggest selling wireless headset microphones is comfort. The shorter boom arm makes it easily adjustable and there is also a boom arm position piece that makes sure the mic won't droop. You don't want to have to constantly readjust your mic, right? It's very light and compact, with no beltpacks necessary. That means you can deliver the best fitness class possible in comfort and without worry! 

The Fitness Audio Mini-TX E-Mic is a phenomenal system that gives you performance, versatility, and durability in one easy package. If you have any questions about this or anything else just give us a call. You take care of delivering your classes and we'll make sure they sound great!

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