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Samson Airline 77 vs Airline 99 Wireless Microphone Systems: Product Comparison

Samson Airline 77 vs Airline 99 Wireless Microphone Systems: Product Comparison

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As a group fitness instructor, either online or in-person, you know the importance of a good wireless microphone system like the Samson Airline 77 or the Airline 99. Your clients need to hear you clearly so they can get their sweat on and you need to be able to concentrate on delivering a great fitness class, not worrying about mic interference, muddy sound, or an uncomfortable wireless microphone headset.  

Two of the best and most popular wireless microphone systems are the Samson Airline 77 and the Samson Airline 99 and today we’re going to break down the differences between them so you can get the best wireless microphone system for your fitness business.

Why Both Are Great Options

Let’s start by going over what the Samson Airline 77 and Airline 99 have in common. 

  • They’re both sweat-rated for 14 sessions per week and have low-profile condenser microphones with sweat resistant capsules to prevent corrosion. 
  • They both broadcast to a 300 foot range
  • They both come with a headset designed especially for fitness instructors. A lightweight, double ear design.
  • They both come with micro-transmitters mounted right on the headsets, eliminating the need for cumbersome belt packs and cables.

Those are obviously great features and important for any fitness instructor, but there are some differences, too. Let’s go over a few of them.

Samson Airline 77 vs Airline 99 - The Receivers

Well, the Samson Airline 77 comes with the CR77 Transmitter, which has one fixed channel while the Airline 99 comes with the CR99, which provides 100 available channels. That means that the Airline 99 is going to automatically look for the clearest channel for your fitness class. This is great if you live in an area where there may be a lot of interference. For output connections the CR77 has a ¼ inch connection while the CR99 has both a ¼ and a 1/8 inch option. 

The CR99 receiver also has a USB input, which would allow you to add an additional Samson XPD Wireless System, an AH9 Transmitter, or just let you charge up your phone. 

Samson Airline 77 vs The Samson Airline 99 - The Batteries

How about the battery? Both the Airline 77 and Airline 99 have an 8-hour battery life, the difference being the Samson Airline 99 features a lithium ion rechargeable setup while the Samson Airline 77 uses a single AAA battery. Again both great options depending on your preference with whether you like to have numerous AAA batteries at hand or if you want to have a rechargeable lithium option with a battery life LED indicator.

Samson Airline77 with QE Fitness Headset AH7 - SW7A7SQE

Samson Airline77 with QE Fitness Headset AH7 - SW7A7SQE


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Samson AirLine 99m AH9 with Fitness Headset

Samson AirLine 99m AH9 with Fitness Headset


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We’re Here to Help!

We hope this clears up any questions you had about both of these very popular wireless microphone systems. Either way you've made a great decision! If you have any more questions about these wireless microphone systems or anything else you can always contact us about your Audio/Visual needs.

Whether online or live, running an awesome fitness class is your thing, but making it look and sound great is ours! Take care!


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