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Shure BLX Dual System - Perfect for Team Teaching

Shure BLX Dual System - Perfect for Team Teaching

“Can we use two wireless headset mics at the same time to team teach?”This is an FAQ in the fitness world and naturally so. There are times when two instructors want to tag team their instruction for a group ex class. Having two instructors can add energy and a good dose of fun to a class and some programming is optimized for team teaching.

The answer is a qualified ‘yes.’Two wireless mics can be used at the same time. Here’s the real world ‘however’ part: each bodypack transmitter needs to be on its own frequency and have its own receiver. With most wireless mic systems this means you need two complete systems to team teach.


Shure BLX Dual Solution

The Shure BLX Dual System simplifies things by combining 2 BLX receivers in a convenient single space rack-mountable unit. With the Shure BLX Dual, each transmitter is easily set to one of the receivers via Shure’s one-touch Quickscan frequency selection. When you want to team teach, each headset/bodypack is already dialed in and ready to go. No additional receiver to be set up or extra cabling to be plugged in- it’s already done. Simple and clean.

Built-In Backup for Single Instructors
With the Shure Dual BLX, there’s the bonus of always having a second headset mic and bodypack transmitter available. If something needs repairing or replacing, the backup is right there for single instructor classes.

AV Now’s exclusive team teaching wireless package pairs 2 rugged E-mic fitness headsets with the Shure BLX Dual transmitter/receiver system. Each E-mic is fitness rated to do 20 classes per week.

Find the product here: Dual Shure BLX Wireless System with E-mic Headsets for Team-Teaching

The Shure BLX Dual system requires 2 channels on the sound system’s mixer. Please contact for compatibility questions.

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