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AV Now is Open and Shipping - Mon. - Fri. 8AM-4PM Pacific: Click Here for More Information

Portable/Aquatic Sound Systems

Battery Powered Sound Systems for Fitness

Portable sound systems, PA systems and battery-powered speakers add the audio and the convenience that you need for live performances, fitness rooms, conferences, speech, gatherings, special events and parties. Carry or roll these portable speakers out to the deck of the pool or move your portable sound system to different locations inside or outside of your gym or fitness facility.

Battery-powered PA systems and portables speakers offer many different options, including microphones, Bluetooth and music playback sources. A number of different features are key in keeping a sound system portable, such as weight, size, number of pieces, ease of setup and tear-down, availability of wheels, handles and rollers and battery-power functionality. AV Now Fitness Sound has options to fit every need and every budget.