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Shure BLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System - Includes E-mic Headset

Shure BLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System - Includes E-mic Headset

Shure BLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System - Includes E-mic Headset
Designed to meet the needs of traveling fitness instructors or presenters. If you’re traveling to different cities or expect to, Shure's BLX series is the answer. With today’s ever more crowded airwaves, frequency selectability brings peace of mind for instructors using the BLX in a single location or local area.

The Shure BLX with E-Mic headset mic is ideal for gyms running up to 15 classes a week. If your class schedule is heavier than this, consider purchasing an additional BLX transmitter and E-Mic to make this a ‘heavy-use’ system. (link to heavy BLX heavy use?) Optional rackmount kit available.

BLX1 Transmitter Features:

  • Quick and easy receiver frequency matching
  • Sturdy Transmitter antenna

Shure's BLX4 receiver makes wireless setup easy for any fitness instructor.
One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. The BLX4 offers the best in wireless for fitness instructors on the go or any facility looking for a fitness-rated wireless mic system with frequency selectability.

  • One-Touch Quickscan Frequency Selection
  • internal antennas on receiver
  • Microprocessor- controlled diversity
  • Channel display LED
  • XLR and 1/4" outputs
  • 2 year warranty

E-Mic features:

  • One of the most durable fitness headset microphones available.

The E-Mic is built to the specifications set forth by Aerobic Microphones Australia for light to medium fitness use -up to 20 classes per week. The manufacturer makes a standard version for other brands, but the E-Mic has several upgrades that make it fitness-worthy.

  • Water Immersion Screens - Better Capsule Protection
  • Shorter Boom Arm - Better Fit for smaller heads
  • Boom Arm Position Piece - Strengthens the Boom Joint to avoid the "droops"
  • Epoxied Boom Arm - Strengthens and Sweat Protects Boom Joint
  • Epoxied Spot Fills - For Extra Sweat Protection throughout the mic
  • Extra Cable Strain Relief on Headband
  • Steel Cable - Better Sweat Performance
  • Can be adapted for most major Transmitter brands.
  • Comes in Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue
  • Emic EE746
  • 1 year warranty

Shure BLX Wireless System with E-Mic Fitness Headset Microphone – Exclusively from AV Now Fitness Sound

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