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Samson Airline 77 with Headset, Battery Charger and Batteries

by Samson

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Original price $474.97
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The unity of this Airline 77 Recharge Microphone System Package gives you what you will need to go wireless and rechargeable! This outstanding combo of the Airline 77, a fitness headset, a battery charger and a 4 pack of rechargeable batteries will enable you to reduce landfill waste while reducing your overall operations cost and efficiency.

This package includes:

  • One Samson Airline 77 CR77 Wireless Receiver
  • One QE Fitness Headset
  • One 4 Pack of AAA Rechargeable Batteries
  • One AA-AAA Battery Charger

Changes From AH1 Microphone Transmitter:

  • No mute switch
  • Power button is located under battery door cover

Airline Frequency Note:
If you’re not sure which Airline frequencies work in your area: let AV Now choose. High-powered UHF digital broadcasting varies from city to city and can interfere with UHF wireless mic operation. AV Now uses the most current FCC information to make sure your Airline frequency will operate without interference in your area. Channels N1 through N6 are discontinued.

All of the AirLine 77 fitness headset transmitters operate on AAA batteries. So why not reduce landfill waste while reducing your overall operations cost by simply replacing your standard AAA battery with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are so popular with the Airline 77 that we have created an easy to purchase package with everything that you need to recharge...easily!

Use our Go Green Battery Calculator to help you determine how many batteries you use per day, week, month and/or year and how much money that you can save using rechargeable batteries in your Fitness Studio, GroupX Studio and more.

    Samson Airline 77 with QE Fitness Headset details:

    • No more bodypack transmitters!
    • Sweat-resistant QE mic element and AH7 headset transmitter
    • Fitness-rated for aerobics use
    • Combines the CR77 Receiver with Samson's classic Airline with a built-in transmitter on the headset.
    • A breakthrough microcircuitry allows the AH7 to operate on a tiny triple-A battery with 14 hours of life.
    • AirLine transmitters give you great sound and reliable wireless reception over long ranges, wherever you use it.
    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) means your system is operating on a much clearer frequency band with less interference.
    • Recommended options, not included: Samson sweat cap, (one included), windscreens, neoprene wrap.
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • View: Samson Airline77 User Manual
    Channels N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, and N6 are affected by the FCC 600 MHz Auction which will eventually make its use prohibited by law after a transition period. Our most current information estimates that the transition period will be approximately 3 years, ending summer 2020.  This estimate may change over time.

    Channel Frequencies:
    Channel K1: 489.050 MHz
    Channel K2: 490.975 MHz
    Channel K3: 492.425 MHz
    Channel N1: 642.375 MHz - discontinued
    Channel N2: 642.875 MHz - discontinued
    Channel N3: 644.125 MHz - discontinued
    Channel N4: 644.750 MHz - discontinued
    Channel N5: 645.500 MHz - discontinued
    Channel N6: 645.750 MHz - discontinued


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    Debora Best

    This mic is a workhorse! Reliable, class after class after class.

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