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Shure SM-31 Windscreens - 10 pack (Black)

by Shure

Product Info

10-pack of Black Shure SM-31 Foam Cylindrical Windscreens. Protect your wireless headset microphone from spit, sweat and the elements. Most headset microphones for fitness are tuned to perform best with a windscreen installed.

Product details:

  • Fits: Shure SM31-FH Headset Microphone (sold separately)
  • Size: 1 inch long by 0.90 inches around
  • Hole in side of the cylinder
  • Noise protection filter for microphones
  • Reduce or eliminate popping sounds
  • 10 pack of Black Windscreens for the Shure SM-31Headset Mic
  • Foam cylindrical windscreen
  • Warranty: 90 Day

Protect your wireless headset fitness microphone from spit, sweat and the elements with this 10 pack of Black Windscreens. Help ensuring that your voice sounds its best. These foam windscreens are custom built for AV Now, and our exclusive design fits perfectly on the Shure SM-31FH headsets. This black foam windscreen helps with limiting breathing noises during intensive group fitness instruction.

Compatible with the following headset microphones:

Cylindrical windscreen fit guide