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Economy PLUS Sound System 200 with ACTIVE 12" Featuring the same easy-to-operate philosophy and ample power that AV Now Fitness Sound has become known for, but for a fraction of the cost of our Premium Fitness Sound Systems. 800 Watts of power, and the ability to play back anything with a standard 1/8" headphone jack (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

  • Premium Economy PLUS Fitness Sound System for Small Rooms (Up to 800 Square Feet)

The PLUS Economy Fitness Sound Systems feature the same ease of use and power that AV Now has become known for, but at a fraction of the price of our Premium Fitness Sound Systems. We're taking advantage of the dropping cost of high-quality active speakers (speakers with amplifiers built-in) to give you more and more bang for your buck.

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Professional Sound System
iPod, audio player and mp3 player capability right out of the box and plenty of space to upgrade and add components in the future. Two independent inputs for microphones are available with independent bass and treble controls (separate from the music), as well as a hidden master volume control on the rear of the unit. One power switch turns the entire system on and off, eliminating the need for notes and diagrams. The impact of a professional sound system is available in a price range that fits your budget.

Bring Some Thump
We're striving to keep home stereos and boomboxes out of group exercise rooms, so contact one of our Fitness Sound Experts today and bring some thump to your Group Exercise program on a budget!



  • (1) FlexMix 5-Channel Mixer
  • (1) iPod Connection Cable
  • (1) 8-Space Carpeted Rack
  • (1) Power Module with One On/Off Switch
  • (2) 400 Watt active 12" Speakers
  • (2) Pole Mount Wall Mount Brackets or Speaker Stands (your choice)
  • (2) 50' Siamese Cables (audio and power cable combined)
  • (2) Behringer EUROLIVE B112D Active 2-Way 12" PA Speaker System with Wireless Option and Integrated Mixer
  • (1) 20-pack of Audio Rack Rail Screws
  • Good for rooms up to 800 square feet
  • Warranty: Various (Multiple Warranties)
  • View: AV Now EZ Setup Guide
  • Speaker Wall-Mount Accessory:
    1 x ADJUSTABLE Wall-mounts for Speakers (Pair)
  • Speakers:
    2 x Behringer EUROLIVE B112D Active 2-Way 12" PA Speaker System with Wireless Option and Integrated Mixer
  • Cables:
    2 x Siamese Cable Audio and Power - 50'
  • Screws:
    1 x Rack Rail Screws (pack of 20)
  • Mixer:
    1 x FlexMix2.2 - 6-Channel Fitness Mixer w/ Front Aux Input
  • Power Conditioner:
    1 x Power Conditioner with 8 Outlets
  • Rack:
    1 x 8-Space Carpeted Case
  • Wireless Mic System (Optional):
    1 x Shure BLX Wireless Mic System w/ SM31-FH Headset
  • Adapters:
    2 x XLR to TRS Patch Cables