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Best Wireless Microphone Headsets for Fitness Instructors



One of the most important things you need as a group fitness instructor are good fitness wireless microphone headsets. You’re going to be moving, sweating, and yelling, and you can’t have your clients not hearing you due to an unreliable or overused mic. You need something that’s easy to use, durable, and sounds great to make sure your clients are happy. Well, at we’re here to help.

Here are 4 Sensational Wireless Microphone Headsets for Fitness Instructors.

1. Aeromic Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset 
Let’s get started with the cream of the crop. The Aeromic Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset is simply the best you can get if you’re looking for a wireless microphone headset for fitness instructors.

It’s sweat guaranteed for 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 2 years. That’s 50 fitness classes a week! (I know it’s 49, but their guarantee gives you the 50th for free.)

It features the Aeromic Lo Sensitivity Mic Capsule, which gives you more volume before feedback and it has great compatibility with most wireless microphone transmitters.

Another great feature for fitness instructors is the one-piece polymeric coated frame. It has no moving parts and no exposed metal to rust or corrode so you can get your sweat on with no worries!


2. Shure SM31FH Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset
The Shure SM31FH Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset is one of the most popular wireless microphone headsets out there.

Specifically designed for Shure bodypacks, the durable SM31FH Shure Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset is a cardioid condenser microphone, which means it’s going to pick up your voice and not much else. You want your clients to hear you, right?

Its moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric protects the microphone from corrosion; a primary cause of problems with fitness microphones, and it’s lightweight and comfortable, but still durable so you can work up your class to a good sweat with no worries.


3. Samson QEx Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset 
The Samson QEx Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset is great for you fitness instructors with multiple transmitters. It comes with four adapter cables so you can use it with the most popular wireless systems.

The condenser microphone features a moisture resistant capsule and, most importantly, a bidirectional pickup pattern for high quality audio that effectively reduces background noise.

Its frame is lightweight with a double ear design for a very comfortable but snug fit and also comes with a windscreen and carrying case. This is a great choice for any fitness instructors who work with different audio setups.


4. Emic Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset 
The Emic Fitness Wireless Microphone Headset is one of the most popular headset microphones out there for group fitness instructors. It’s light, easily fits just about anyone, and can connect to almost every microphone transmitter out there.

With a 20 classes per week rating, it’s good for those of you who like to get a bit sweaty, and the best thing about it is that it is specifically designed to prevent the “sweat death” many other wireless microphone headsets suffer.

Lastly, the microphone itself is a noise-cancelling mic so it can be used in just about any gym or fitness studio. I also love the color choices!

In short you get a good looking, great sounding durable wireless headset microphone that is designed especially for group fitness instructors. Sounds good to me!

We hope this helps take some of the guesswork out of looking for a wireless headset microphone. If you have any more questions remember that at AVNow we’re here to help!

You didn’t get into the fitness industry to be an Audio/Visual pro. You did it to help people. Us too.

Whether you have questions about fitness wireless microphone headsets or anything else you can always call us about your Audio/Visual needs so we can help.


Not sure which headset is best for your fitness center or gym fitness classes. We are here to help! Fill out and submit the following online form and we will respond with a few microphone suggestions for your fitness classes.

Click here --->How to Choose the Right Wireless Microphone System

Running your fitness class either online or live is your thing, but making it look and sound great is ours! Take care!


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