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The Importance of Five-Star Reviews And Value Of Group Fitness Members

If you have ever had the chance to train with a highly motivating group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you know that they will push you hard and produce serious results. Having someone who can take your workouts to the next level is like getting a first-class upgrade to fitness.

What's not to love about that?

Let's compare this to flying. Trust me; this will make sense.

If you have ever flown in first-class, you know that coach never feels quite the same once you experience life beyond the curtain.

I suppose the overall experience in first-class differs from airline to airline, but certain aspects are expected. In general, the seats are bigger than in coach, the food is better, drinks are included, and the service is next level compared to what is happening at the rear of the plane.

Until you experience each class, you wouldn't know what you were missing until the day you get a rare upgrade and realize how air travel should always feel.

In comparison, let's say your gym has been the top or only choice in the neighborhood for years. A new club suddenly opens nearby with a killer sound system and a next-level experience. Naturally, your members wonder what it's like and check it out. They soon realize the existence of a new standard of excellence, and it reels them in for more.

After experiencing the first-class touch, would you return to your usual spot with the same enthusiasm? With little or no difference in cost, probably not! It would make no sense to fly coach if a first-class seat were always available at the same price.

With that said, if your competition was able to exceed member expectations with flying colors and entice a new customer base, the word will spread. They will tell their friends and will be more inclined to write a five-star review, similar to the excitement of experiencing first-class for the first time.

Why is that important for fitness clubs?

Why New Group Fitness Members Trust Online Reviews 

Truthfully, most of us base our buying decisions on the reviews we read online.

Here's the thing, suppose there is a new restaurant in town that you search online and see that it has a three-star average on Google. Three-stars might be low enough to avoid trying it all together. Subsequently, you end up choosing a restaurant with a four-star average, knowing you are likely to have a much better experience.

Although much can't be said about some of the reviews that we read with a grain of salt on Amazon, reviews for services like restaurants, hotels, and fitness clubs are regarded as authentic.

Those who are new to group fitness, fitness in general, or new to the neighborhood will read online reviews for guidance to find the best workout destination or hottest fitness club.

Five-star reviews do not go hand in hand with the price of the membership so even though the most elite fitness clubs in the world may come at a higher price tag, it comes down to the details that don't require a considerable investment that can award your studio more of those coveted five-star reviews.

There is, of course, the personal touch that everyone loves, like a warm welcome as you enter the studio. Most of the responsibility falls on the staff to create the mood by smiling at us and wishing us a great workout each day. We want to feel better as soon as we walk into your gym and although the consistent happy greeting from Tammy and Danny are a nice touch, it’s usually the music upon entry that flicks a switch in our brains. High energy music will further enhance the mood and energy your team creates as your members or potential members enter your studio.

Depending on how your space is set up, adding a couple of speakers to enhance the overall feel of the entrance is well worth it. Quite often, the music is at a lower volume throughout the club. The majority are wearing earbuds; there are conversations between members and trainers, so it makes perfect sense, but you can crank up the levels at the front door and create some impact. We will show you some great options that can give your studio a high-energy feel and a "let's go kick some serious butt" spirit we need when we walk through the door.

How Group Fitness Members Translate To More Revenue 

So now that we are feeling good about being at your club, what will keep us there? Group fitness is on the rise. We cannot reiterate enough how valuable group fitness members are to your gym. Group fitness members will spend the most time at your gym, are more inclined to write a review, and love to talk about their experience with their friends and, in turn, bring you more members. Consider this a focus for 2021; Increase group attendance.

The Fitness Instructors play a significant role! Luckily, the majority have fun, likable, and lively personalities that your members will gravitate towards. Still, you are not doing them any favors if the music overpowers their guidance or if they cannot be heard clearly by everyone in the room. Investing in a high-quality sound system designed for fitness studios will allow the music to fill the space and provide crystal clear vocal audio simultaneously.

Members at the back of the room will hear the instructor's motivational guidance and the high-energy music at the same level as those up in front. Everyone will share an equally elevated experience that connects the group and allows your instructor to shine. If you can nail this, you will have the upper hand over the competition and will see those five-star reviews start to come in.

Making your members feel welcome, motivated, and included from the time they step foot in the door to the time they leave, is made much easier if the music is on point. You need the right sound system to get you there, so let's dive into some great options!

As your fitness sound system authorities, we offer complete customized solutions to get maximum performance for any space.

Reach out to us; we are here to help.

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