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Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Update

When we launched the live streaming product category, we decided to offer new products in phases.


The first phase-

The most significant volume of requests was to help audio quality. To increase audio quality, we have put together some categories that proved to be the most helpful. 


Streaming Ready Kits (Music and Voice) - Mixers and Interfaces

Audio Kits for Laptops

Audio Kits for Phones and Tablets

Popular cables

Stands and Adapters for Cameras and Smart Devices


The next phase was to provide information and best practices:

And we put together some resources that we thought would be helpful. 

Get quick help form - Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Form

Q&A Webinar Recording: Audio Quality and Equipment Issues During Live Streaming?

How can I get the best quality voice AND music in virtual classes and streaming?

Zoom app settings for Virtual Fitness Class Instruction Streaming

Sound Samples of Voice Over Music Streaming Solutions


The third phase was to partner with organizations in the fitness space that could help clubs and instructors on the platform side-

Additionally, we partnered with some cool companies that can help clubs and instructors with live streaming:


Uscreen: Uscreen is a video monetization platform. A specialized platform that empowers you to broadcast your fitness videos, earn more money and build an engaged online community.


FitGrid LIVE Streaming: Live-stream your classes from anywhere with FitGrid, MINDBODY & Zoom working in concert. 


The next phase is video quality.

If you are looking to increase the quality, then we found another product that is simple to set up: the ZOOM Q8 HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder (the company that makes this camera is different then ZOOM the video conferencing organization). We also have a new concept that is a little more complex than can either be portable or installed in your fitness facility.


If you need help increasing the video quality of your live streaming classed, please click here: 

Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Form: Camera Solution


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