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Zoom app settings for Virtual Fitness Class Instruction Streaming

Here are a couple of quick steps to set up for virtual fitness classes on the Zoom app.  

On the desktop app:

Access the audio settings by clicking the gear icon here:

Select Audio here:

Select your sound source in the dropdown menu for Microphone:

Examples: For mixers like the Alesis Multimix 8, Studiomaster C2S-2, Behringer Q802USB,  and similar units, you'll select USB Audio CODEC.  For a Samson XPD2 wireless mic system, you'll select Samson RXD Wireless Receiver.

For a Galaxy Trek device, you'll select your computer's built-in audio device.  The name will vary based on your computer, but note that you will not see Galaxy Trek as an option because that system uses your computer's built-in audio device.

On the Speaker Settings dropdown, you'll select how you would like to hear audio back from the participants or other members on the Zoom meeting.  If you're on a laptop, you can select your built-in speakers.  You can also use Bluetooth earbuds, which would appear in this menu if paired.  When using a USB mixer such as those listed above, we do not recommend selecting USB Audio CODEC as your Speaker device.

On the Zoom app, there's a feature called Enable Original Sound

This feature is great for users who have music playing during classes.  This feature lets your sound pass through as close to its original sound as possible.  It turns off some audio processing that optimizes the sound just for voice and often treats music as background noise and suppresses it.  

To access it on the Desktop App, click the Advanced button in the Audio menu:

Then, check the box for Show in-meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone:

Once you have that box checked, you'll see a button in your meeting window:

If it's blue and says 'Turn off Original Sound', that means the Enable Original Sound setting is turned ON, which is what you want.

If it's grey and says 'Turn on Original Sound', click it to turn on the Enable Original Sound feature:

On mobile devices, it looks just slightly different:

1. Tap the Settings icon

2. Tap Meeting

3. Turn on Use Original Sound

4. In a meeting, tap the three dots where it says More

5. Tap Enable Original Sound




1. On mobile devices, if you're using a USB Mixer, such as the Alesis Multimix 8, Studiomaster C2S-2, or Behringer Q802USB, you will not be able to hear participants/audience members' audio without additional equipment.


2. On certain Android phones, clicking Enable Original Sound deactivates audio from USB mixers.
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Eric - April 18, 2023

After following these steps for my Berhinger Q802USB, the attendees on my Zoom call still cannot hear the music and mic connected to the mixer. Do I need additional software to get this to work properly?

Dayle Friedman - February 9, 2022

G-D Bless you Luke
Thank you so much for helping us.
Stay Safe

Ken and Dayle Friedman

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