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Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs

Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs

Being a virtual content creator can be pretty challenging. Knowing where and how to find the right virtual content creation tools can be a huge part of that. After all, you got into the fitness business to help people get in shape, not become an Audio/Visual expert! 

The fact is, the world has changed. That’s especially true if you’re used to putting your content out there in person as opposed to Zoom, MindBody, gymGo, UScreen, YouTube or any other virtual content platforms for fitness.

Well, the good news is that we’re here to make it easy for you. 

In today’s post we will look at the top 5 must-have tools every content creator needs!

Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs

1. Audio Mixer Virtual Instruction-Ready MM8USBFX Mixer with Cable Connection KitIf you want a nice clean sound, a mixer is going to be important. When you are creating virtual content a muddy audio mix is a huge turn-off to your members. 

After all, nothing interrupts the flow of a class more than having your members yelling, “What did you say?” at their screen. 

You’re going to want something that can accommodate at least a microphone and speakers.

This is a great USB mixer that can do that and more: Virtual Instruction-Ready MM8USBFX Mixer with Cable Connection Kit

2. Advice

Like we said before, you didn’t get into the fitness industry to be an Audio-Visual pro. You did it to help people. Us too. 

Find answers to your most pressing Audio-Visual questions by going here:  Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Form

Virtual content creation is your thing, but making it look and sound great is ours!

Let us help! 

3. A Microphone

Fitness Audio UHF Mini-TX E-mic System BundleNow that you’ve got a mixer you’ve got to make sure you have something to plug into it. 

There are a lot of choices for microphones. You can go with a fitness wireless headset, a lavalier, or a room mic. That would depend on the type of class you’re running, how much moving around you’re doing and the type and volume of your background music. 

You can see a whole bunch of different ideas here: Wireless Microphones For Fitness

4. Lights

virtual content creator lighting kitNow that they can hear you, they need to see something. We know most fitness studios are not created with lighting in mind. Luckily, we can solve that problem. 

Lights are an important, and sometimes forgotten, step in making your overall virtual content look great and professional.

Check out this set up: Lumecube Broadcast Lighting Kit


5. A Camera

That brings us here.

What’s the first thing your members are going to see when they log on? 


Remember that first impressions are everything and you need to look professional right off the bat. 

The camera in your computer may be OK, but even a little upgrade can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived, and if you’re trying to grow your online and social media business and profile, perception is everything! 

If you need help figuring out what camera is right for you, fill out our form to get answers to any questions you have about your needs: Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Form: Camera SolutionZOOM Q8 HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder.

If you just want to skip all that to get a nice, easy solution you can get this one: ZOOM Q8 HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder. (It’s more than just a camera, too!) 

Remember, creating virtual content may be new and challenging for you, but we are here to help. 

Take care and stay safe! 

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