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The Samson Airline 77 QE Fitness Headset/Transmitter

The Samson Airline 77 QE Fitness Headset/Transmitter

Of all the products we sell, our clients are especially fond of a few of them. Their fondness is reserved for the gear that is truly top-of-the-line when it comes to performance, durability, and affordability. Of course, all of our gear is fitness-rated and we will stand by the value of everything we sell—we only accept the best of the best—but there are a few products that our clients appreciate more than others. The Samson Airline 77 QE Fitness Headset/Transmitter is one of those products.

Truly Wireless

This headset is truly wireless, with a transmitter built right into it. The alternative is a wired connection that includes a body pack that can be clipped onto a shirt or waistband. Wireless headsets offer a unique advantage over their wired counterparts by allowing the user to perform intense, rapid, and frequent movements without needing to worry about the cord getting snagged on things like a treadmill or other fitness equipment. The last thing an instructor wants is to have an accident interrupt the flow of a class, and with this headset, you will never need to worry about it.

Ergonomic Design

The transmitter rests comfortably and securely on the back of your head, allowing you to exercise with your class and demonstrate the moves for them without ever having to worry about your headset shifting or falling off. It is very user-friendly as well, with easy controls and intuitive design.


There is an important difference between headsets that are not fitness-rated and headsets that are. Anybody who has used both types of headsets will attest that the difference is obvious. In addition to being wireless and ergonomic, fitness-rated headsets like the Samson Airline 77 QE are designed specifically for fitness classes. This headset will help you communicate clearly, projecting your voice over music and any other loud sounds. It will also withstand sweat, sudden movements, and anything else it is frequently subjected to during group fitness classes better than headsets that are not fitness-rated.


When it comes to maintaining the Samson Airline 77 QE Fitness Headset/Transmitter, there are a few things you will want to be aware of. First and foremost, this product is not particularly sweat resistant. If you will be performing high-intensity workouts that you know will make you sweat, you might want to consider using a different headset or at least having a few of these headsets available so they can dry off completely between each use.

Second, while the “no bodypack” design is convenient for instructors, it does make the headset a bit fragile and it might need to be sent in for a repair sooner than other headsets. But if you take care not to expose the microphone to excessive amounts of sweat or intense, sudden movements, it will last you for years to come and will definitely prove its worth. So order one today and see why the Samson Airline 77 QE Fitness Headset/Transmitter is one of our customers’ favorite headsets!

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Kathryn Mansfield - January 7, 2020

I love this headset! I have it to teach Nia classes and workshops for almost ten years. I gave it to the dance studio before moving to Korea on military orders but going to be teaching again soon so need to order another one. Excellent product. Highly recommended!

Robert J Fulton - January 7, 2020

Great Product have used it form 2007 and it still is working great!!!

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