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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders* - In-Stock Orders Ship Within 1-2 Business Days

Aeromic Fitness Headset Microphone

by Aeromic
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Product Info

Aeromic Fitness Headset Microphone is the superior head-worn microphone designed specifically for the fitness industry. Sweat Guaranteed for 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 2 years. Aeromic's sleek yellow boom arm is easy to spot on the most well-known presenters and instructors worldwide. It's unique miniature mic capsule is designed to be worn beside the mouth, not in front. Breath noises are not over-amplified; no foam ball windscreen is needed.

New! Aeromic II with Lo-Sensitivity mic capsule. The world's best fitness headset mics just got better! Reference our Headset Connector Chart to match your transmitter pack. 

Product highlights:

  • Rugged, sweat-resistant fitness headset
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Watch the video included on this page for tips on how to wear your fitness headset microphone
  • Suggested use is 50 classes per week
  • Superior natural sound quality
  • Helps protect against voice damage
  • 2 years guarantee against "sweat death"
  • Serviceable, sweat-resistant construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • As used at Aerobic Conventions
  • Warranty: 2 Years (up to 50 Classes per Week)
  • Windscreen sold separately
  • Warranty and use info

Aeromics are guaranteed for 7 classes a day, 7 days a week for Two Years. The strongest warranty in the industry for the strongest headset mics in the world. They're compatible with all major brands of fitness rated transmitters. AV Now, the North American service center for Aeromic/Cyclemic, can upgrade your old microphone or custom design a new wireless Aeromic or Cyclemic system to fit your specific needs.

Product details:

  • Aeromic is the only choice for serious fitness professionals
  • It's the Best Choice for Heavy Use/50 Classes per week situations.
  • Aeromics are available for use with Fitness Audio, Samson, Shure, AKG, and Audio-Technica transmitter belt packs.
  • "Body Pump" is a registered trademark of Les Mills World Of Fitness Ltd.
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 7 Classes a Day, 7 Days a Week

New PHAT Frame technology updates the sleek Aeromic/Cyclemic design to be even more durable than the legendary original. Excellent sound quality makes clear voice projection easier for all types of instruction. Sweat-resistant steel (not copper) cable terminates in the toughest Super Shrink-wrapped connector available - completing the Aeromic formula.

More Info

Daily Use
Fitness headset microphones take an awful lot of abuse. Choose the aerobic headset mics that are built to go the distance - Aeromic and Cyclemic. These best-in-the-industry mics have a two year, 50 classes per week sweat guarantee.

And, the Big News
They now feature the Aeromic Lo Sensitivity Mic Capsule for more voice volume before feedback and greater compatibility with today's transmitters. The new capsule design retains all of Aeromic's legendary durability and sound quality - and also make it easier to dial in great sound with less chance of feedback. Their serial numbers will start with a "4" and they use the new Low Sensitivity capsule protected by the Carbon Collar. The Carbon Collar is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet from sweat or spit.

Every mic will feedback at some point. Aeromic and Cyclemic's new Low-Sensitivity Capsule moves this point much further out, making them usable in group ex areas that may not have the best speaker placement.

Your Fitness Needs
Aeromic is the world leader in headset microphones for group fitness, aerobics and indoor cycling. The Aeromic is the only mic designed just for you, the group fitness instructor. You deserve the best. Choose the Aeromic headset or pouch belt now that's the best fit for your application. Aeromic II LS and Cyclemic II LS - available now!

Aeromic is designed specifically for the fitness industry with a one-piece polymeric coated frame that has no moving parts and no exposed metal surfaces to rust or corrode. The gold plated, waterproof mic element is designed to be worn beside the mouth, not in front. Breath noises are not amplified and no foam ball windscreen is needed New UCT Capsule technology adds additional sweat protection to help the mic element last years longer than any other headset's.

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