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⭐ Warehouse Closure 🚚 Shipping Delay Dates: Friday, July 12 (12pm PT) - Tuesday July 16th. Shipping resumes Wednesday July 17th.
The Benefits of a Fitness Class

The Benefits of a Fitness Class

We all know that we should be more active. It can be hard when so many of your work and leisure activities force you to be sedentary. However, many of us find relief at least a few times a week when we work out at the gym or at home.

Everybody is different, and the activities that we enjoy for physical activity can vary widely. It’s always important to listen to your body and personalize your workout routine for what you need. However, there are major advantages to joining a class for your workouts, too.

We Push Ourselves Harder
Say what you will about peer pressure; it can get us to do really good things too! Often, when we’re surrounded by a group of our peers, we strive more than we would on our own. We hit that physical exertion threshold where we’d usually call it quits, but we tend to push past it when there are other people watching us. After all, we don’t want to be the weakest in the pack!

The instructor can be a major contributor to this. A fitness instructor will be able to recognize when we’re pushing ourselves a little too hard. However, they can also identify when we’re making it easier than we should, and help encourage us to get a really effective workout from our time.

We Learn Something New
Did you know that the vast majority of runners have improper running form? That many of us who do squats at the gym are setting our feet wrong? And that many people who practice yoga at home are missing out on the benefits of proper breathing technique? All of these things can be corrected with a professional-looking out for us and telling us how to work out without unduly straining our bodies. Even when we know the proper technique, we tend to let it lapse when we get tired. A fitness class is the perfect place to instill good habits so that we can get a good workout without injury.

We’re Motivated to Continue
How often have you started a fitness resolution, only to completely let it go within a month or two? Well, again, we can have peer pressure motivate us to do good things when we establish relationships with people in our fitness class. Even the sheer presence of a schedule can motivate us, since we know that we can’t postpone things indefinitely. Instead, we have to adhere to the times when the class we want is available.

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