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Shure GLX-D+'s Improved features: GLX-D+ Dual-Band vs. Old GLX-D

The new Shure GLXD+ Dual-Band Wireless Technology provides reliable and consistent signal by automatically scanning both 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands and selecting the cleanest channel. More than double the bandwidth ensures that dropouts won't stop the show. GLX-D+ Dual-Band transmitters and receivers
are NOT compatible with previous GLX-D microphone system components (this includes the old GLXD Receiver, GLXD1 Transmitter, and battery).

Have you ever been in the middle of a fitness class, a dance practice, or a sports event and had your signal drop out? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be when your wireless microphone drops out in the middle of an otherwise perfect performance. Fortunately, Shure has just released their new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Wireless Technology, which provides consistent and reliable signal by automatically scanning both 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands and selecting the cleanest channel.

Shure's new microphone system - New Shure GLX-D+ Dual BandWhat is Dual Band Technology?

Dual-Band technology works by taking advantage of two different parts of the radio spectrum—2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz—to ensure that your signal will not drop out during a fitness class or a dance performance. It does this by automatically scanning both bands for interference and then selecting the cleanest channel for you to use. This means that no matter what kind of environment you're in—no matter how many other radio signals are present—you can rest assured that your signal will stay loud and clear throughout your event.

Fitness Microphone Systems for Gyms

What Are The Benefits Of Dual-Band Technology?

The biggest benefit of Dual-Band technology is that it provides more than double the bandwidth compared to traditional single band systems, which helps to ensure that dropouts won't stop your show! Additionally, because it uses two different parts of the spectrum, there's less interference from other devices like Wi-Fi routers or Bluetooth speakers, which means that your signal will remain strong even in crowded environments such as convention halls or stadiums. Finally, because it's using two different frequencies at once, you also don't need to worry about frequency coordination with other wireless systems nearby; if one frequency runs into interference problems, the system will automatically switch to the other one without any disruption to your performance!

Shure GLXD

Shure’s new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Wireless Technology provides fitness instructors, gym teachers, aerobics instructors, yoga teachers, dance coaches, referees and sports coaches with improved reliability compared to previous models. With its Dual-Band technology providing more than double the bandwidth available compared to single band systems, along with automated frequency selection for avoiding interference from other wireless systems nearby – this system promises not only improved reliability but also improved sound quality too! So whether you’re teaching classes at a gym or running an outdoor event – make sure you have Shure’s GLX-D+ on hand for optimal performance every time!


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