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💧The BEST Waterproof Microphones for Water Aerobics - In-Pool and Deckside Microphones - What's the difference?

💧The BEST Waterproof Microphones for Water Aerobics - In-Pool and Deckside Microphones - What's the difference?

Aquatic exercises have always been a popular way for people to stay fit. Keeping people healthy and active while making sure participants are engaged is now a top priority for fitness centers and gyms. Aquatic fitness instructors play a crucial role in this effort, and the equipment they use can make all the difference in delivering a successful workout. One such piece of equipment is the microphone. In this blog post, we shall discuss the differences between in-pool submersible aquatic microphones and deckside microphones - both of which serve as an essential tool for an aquatic fitness instructor.

Lectrosonics Aquatic/Submersible Wireless Microphone System with E-mic Headset
For aquatic pool fitness instructors, leading classes can sometimes take a toll on their vocal cords. The combination of water splashing and exercising participants can easily drown out an unamplified voice, causing the instructor to strain or shout to be heard above it all. That's where the microphone comes in as a game changer. By using a microphone (rated for aquatic instruction), instructors can project their voice over the water and keep their tone consistent, saving them from hoarseness or voice damage. Not only does this benefit the instructor in the short term, but it also ensures that participants can follow instructions clearly, promoting a productive and safe workout. So next time you hit the pool for a group fitness session, listen up for the sound of that trusty microphone – it just might save your instructor's voice!

Best aqua aerobics class microphone


1 - In-pool microphones
In-pool submersible microphones are designed to withstand water submersion and are specifically made for use in pools. They are typically waterproof and submersible up to a specific depth, making it convenient for instructors to demonstrate exercises while still being heard. They are usually wireless and have a transmitter that transmits to a receiver, commonly on the pool deck. The microphone is also usually hands-free, and the instructor wears it on their head or body, leaving their hands free to perform movements and maintain balance. The idea is to get the microphone as close to the instructor's mouth as possible, making it easy for the participants to hear them in the pool while also reducing the background noise.

Aquatic Portable Sound System with (2) TV10 Speakers and Waterproof MicrophoneImage above: Lectrosonics Submersible Solutions 


2 - Deckside microphones
Deckside microphones, as the name suggests, are designed for use outside the pool on the pool deck. These microphones are similar to those used in a traditional gym setting and are not necessarily waterproof. They are connected to a sound system that serves the entire pool or a designated area, and usually, a single microphone is used for the entire class. The instructor usually wears the microphone as a headset microphone and this microphone is rated for excess water/moisture exposure, humidity and outdoor temperatures.

Water-Sweat Resistant Headset Microphone System

3 - Factors to consider when choosing a microphone
Several factors need to be considered when choosing a microphone.

  1. One of the main factors is the size of the pool. For a larger pool, an in-pool microphone is a better option since deckside microphones may not be loud enough to reach the entire pool area. However, for a smaller pool, a deckside microphone can suffice.  Well placed speakers around the pool is also critical.
  2. Another factor to consider is the type of activities that will be performed. If the workout involves a lot of shouting and splashing, an in-pool microphone would perform better in this situation.
  3. On the other hand, a deckside microphone may be better for quieter exercises like yoga in the pool.

4 - Benefits of using microphones
Whatever type of microphone you choose to use, it can make a tremendous difference in delivering a successful aquatic fitness workout.

The benefits of using microphones are numerous, including:

  • The participants can hear the instructions clearly, which can aid in reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Similarly, the aquatic fitness instructors can concentrate on delivering the exercises without having to force their voice, thereby preventing any voice strain.
  • Moreover, the participants can hear each other, which fosters a feeling of community and helps to keep their motivation and energy levels high.

DECKSIDE Bluetooth Portable Sound System
Both in-pool and deckside microphones have their advantages and disadvantages, and the right microphone choice depends on numerous factors such as the pool size, type of exercises, and budget. However, the most important takeaway is that both can make a significant difference in delivering a successful workout.

Effective communication between instructors and participants is key, and it is through equipment choices like microphones that this can be achieved. So if you are an aqua aerobics teacher, fitness center, or gym owner, consider investing in a good quality microphone- the difference it can make may surprise you!

If you need help choosing an In-Pool or Deckside Microphone for your aquatic group exercise classes, feel free to get in touch with us today. We have a wealth of experience in fitness audio and aquatic audio planning, and we can provide the assistance you need to find the perfect solution for you and your team. Click HERE to submit your request.

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