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Anchor Audio Portable Audio Sound Systems - Made in the USA! Turn up the volume on your workouts!

Last May was National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, but just because it’s already passed doesn’t mean we should give up on exercise. The warmer weather makes it even more worthwhile to get some exercise and join an outdoor fitness event. There are all kinds of health and fitness programs available during summer, like Zumba, aerobic dance, and Latin Dance Fitness, among others. With so many excited people dancing, shouting, and having fun, music, and commentary needs to be clearly heard over the already loud crowd. Here are a few Anchor Audio Portable Audio Sound Systems - Made in the USA! speaker options below that exude audio excellence and meet your fitness event needs. 

The warmer weather is great for the fitness industry, and we’re likely to see a boom in outdoor fitness events soon. This rising demand for fitness events means that event coordinators will play a crucial role in taking on the responsibility of organizing all the logistical details while also keeping event attendees' energies up. And one of the most important details event coordinators need to keep track of is portable audio sound systems

  1. Anchor Audio Bigfoot 2 Portable Audio System with Bluetooth and Microphone Options

 Anchor Audio Bigfoot 2 Portable Audio System with Bluetooth and Microphone Options

The Anchor Audio Bigfoot 2 is a powerful portable audio system consisting of five 8" neodymium speakers. It was specifically designed for situations where you need a powerful speaker in an outdoor space and where you may not have access to an AC power outlet. This makes it ideal for sporting events which are typically held in outdoor venues or open stadiums and arenas. 
This model comes with special modes and features that allow up to four wireless microphones to be plugged in, so the unit itself is not just portable, but it also allows the users to be more mobile since they can go wireless via a microphone headset, handheld or lapel. This is a particularly handy feature if the users are in a sporting event and need to run across fields.

2. Go Getter 2 

The Anchor Audio Go Getter 2 is a small portable audio system, but despite its size, it is a very powerful system and is great for use in outdoor and outdoor settings. It is an all-purpose unit designed to be fully self-contained when there is limited access to AC power.  

When multiple people need to speak at the same time, the unit can handle up to four wireless microphones, which makes it perfect for use in group exercise classes, sports practices, and even bigger sporting events. The speakers emanate up to 109 dB of clear sound which can be heard by crowds of up to 500 people.  The unit includes built-in Bluetooth for music playback.  

3. Megavox 2 

The Anchor Audio Megavox 2 is also a small but powerful audio system designed with a battery-pack ideal for when there is limited access to AC power. This unit is perfect for when the user needs to address a large audience or give instructions to a crowd as it has a high capacity to give powerful voice amplification. 

Aside from being able to connect to four wireless microphones, the Megavox 2 features a high wireless range capability of up to 300 feet. This feature makes the unit perfect for outdoor events, such as practicing sports, coordinating school sports competitions, and parks and recreation events. The speaker may look small, but it is powerful and can transmit up to 119 dB of clear sound which can be heard by crowds of up to 1,000 people. Anchor Audio Sound Systems are a great option for schools, worship facilities, fitness clubs, government, civic, sports, universities, and franchise gyms.

Anchor Audio is proudly manufactured in America and has plenty of solutions for you to choose from, including speaker monitors, conference systems, portable sound systems, weatherproof units, and more. 30-day demos are available for some products, restrictions apply. For assistance in finding the right unit for your facility contact AV Now's audio experts. For anything immediate please call an AV Now expert today. We are open 8 am – 4 pm PST | Mon – Fri and can be reached at 800-491-6874 or or schedule a call here.

No matter how big or small the crowd is, it is important to be heard clearly if you are to organize such events. Whether it is for a small group exercise activity, a school sports competition, or even a professional sporting event, an Anchor Audio speaker can help you be heard despite the crowds cheering their team on. 

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