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Improve Your Member Experience with the Electro Voice ZLX 12" Passive Loudspeaker

Improve Your Member Experience with the Electro Voice ZLX 12" Passive Loudspeaker

From heart-pumping spin classes to serene yoga sessions, audio equipment is the unsung hero that sets the tone for every fitness experience. When it comes to selecting the right gear for your gym or studio, clarity and power are non-negotiable. Enter the Electro Voice (EV) ZLX 12" passive loudspeaker, the not-so-secret weapon of fitness audio professionals worldwide.



Electro-Voice ZLX 12": A Speaker of Many Virtues

Our Easy Buy Sound Systems exclusively feature the ZLX-12 speakers and are proven to provide outstanding performance for the following fitness classes:

  • Group Exercise
  • Cycle Classes
  • Jazzercise
  • Kickboxing
  • Bootcamp
  • HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Strength training
  • Dance
  • Kids Fitness
  • Power Yoga, Aerial Yoga
  • Circuit training
  • Boxing
  • Core conditioning
  • Crossfit
  • And more!

Powerhouse Performance
A high-impact fitness class demands a sound system that can keep up with the energy in the room. The ZLX 12" speakers are engineered to push out every watt with precision, thanks to an industry-leading 1000W peak power rating. Furthermore, EV's patented split-baffle design enhances driver time alignment, providing a well-defined presentation that cuts through the workout's intensity with ease.

Built Tough for the Long Run
Fitness classes can be tough on equipment. Sweat, high usage, and occasional impacts are standard fare. The ZLX 12" speakers are constructed with durability in mind, sporting an innovative composite enclosure that is lightweight yet resilient.

Elevating your Audio Experience with an AV Now Easy Buy Sound System

The Fitness Instructor's Dream
For fitness instructors, AV Now's Easy Buy Sound System, coupled with the ZLX 12" speakers, is a match made in acoustical heaven. This integrated system not only amplifies your sound but also simplifies your life, offering a seamless wireless microphone system, easy-to-use audio mixer and Bluetooth receiver that can stand up to the rigors of a daily fitness class schedule.
Easy Buy Sound System For Cycling and Group Exercise RoomsPhoto: Easy Buy Sound System For Cycling and Group Exercise Rooms

Real World Results and Endorsements for ZLX in Fitness

The Resounding Reviews
Endorsements and case studies are a testament to the ZLX 12" speakers' suitability for fitness settings. From spin classes to group fitness sessions, professionals laud the ZLX series for its reliability and exceptional sound quality. Fitness enthusiasts notice the upgrade in audio, with many citing an increased sense of immersion and motivation that the speakers bring to their classes.

Success Stories
Instructors who have made the switch to the ZLX speakers report an upsurge in attendance rates, a more engaged class environment, and even an improvement in the quality of their workouts. They are a testament to the ZLX series being a wise investment in the overall success of gym operations and the fitness journeys of their members.

The Sound Investment
Investing in the Electro Voice ZLX 12" speakers represents an investment in the soul of your fitness business. By choosing a speaker renowned for its clarity, durability, and flexibility, you're opting for a sound system that can transform a simple workout into a holistic experience.

ZLX handlePhoto: ZLX Speaker's Handle

Ready to Rock Your Gym?
If you're ready to upgrade your gym's audio setup and take your fitness classes to the next level, the ZLX series is ripe for the picking. Connect with the team at AV Now to explore how the ZLX speakers, in combination with their Easy Buy Sound Systems, can revolutionize the way you sound.

In the cacophony of the fitness industry, where mediocrity is drowned out by the pursuit of excellence, the ZLX 12" speakers stand as the beacon of uncompromising audio quality. With each thump and tweet, they inspire, motivate, and create an inimitable fitness experience that echoes long after the workout ends. Get ready to amplify your audio and elevate every fitness class to towering heights with the Electro Voice ZLX 12" passive loudspeakers.

ZLX Speaker

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