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Best Windscreens (Microphone Covers) for Fitness Instructor Headset Microphones

Best Windscreens (Microphone Covers) for Fitness Instructor Headset Microphones

Fitness instructors have a demanding job, and there are several factors they need to consider to ensure that their classes run smoothly. One such factor is the audio equipment they use. Instructors rely on their headset microphones to lead their classes as they guide participants through each exercise. But did you know that a simple, yet crucial, accessory for these microphones is a windscreen, microphone cover, foam cover, or windsock? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the best windscreens for fitness instructor headset mics and why we need to use them.

Shure SM31, PGA31 and GX-Mic Windscreen Microphone CoverImage above: Shure Sm31 Foam Microphone Cover

As a fitness instructor, your microphone is an essential tool to help you communicate effectively with your class. However, wind noise can often be a problem that affects the quality of your instruction. That's why investing in the right type of windscreen is crucial.

There are several different types available, such as foam, fur, and foam with fur covers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Foam microphone covers are lightweight and effective in blocking out wind noise, and are the most used windscreen type for fitness instructors.
  2. Fur covers, on the other hand, provide the best protection against wind noise and are more durable, but may be heavier and less breathable and are not recommended for use in fitness applications.
Finding the right balance between functionality and comfort is essential in ensuring a successful workout experience for you and your class.

What is a microphone windscreen?

Image above: Foam Oval Microphone Cover/Windscreen

What is a windscreen and why are they important?
Windscreens, also known as wind protectors or mic covers, are accessories that fit over the microphone head to block out external noise, wind, and other causes of interference that can affect the sound quality. They are important for fitness instructors as they allow the microphone to capture clear audio, even during intense exercises and fast-paced movements.

Aeromic Cyclemic Windscreens US - 5-PackImage above: Aeromic/Cyclemic Windscreens US - 5-Pack

Are there different types of windscreens?
The answer is yes. There are several types of windscreens available in the market; the foam windscreen that is widely available is the standard and is most commonly used by fitness instructors. It is made of a soft foam material that fits over the microphone head, providing protection from wind and other external noises.

**Note: It's important to note that headsets and handheld microphones come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the type, style, and brand. To ensure you select the right windscreen cover, make sure to choose the one specifically designed for your microphone.

Shure AMV88-FUR Mic Cover Rycote Windjammer for MV88Image above: Shure AMV88-FUR Rycote Windjammer
(Not recommended for fitness headset microphones.)

Another type of windscreen is a fur microphone windscreen (shown above). It looks like a small fuzzy ball, and it's made of synthetic fur. Fur windscreen is best used outdoors during windy conditions. It provides excellent wind protection and typically used by sports broadcasters and other media but is not a recommended windscreen type for fitness instructors teaching classes. Fitness headset microphones that are close to a person's mouth do not usually have fur microphone covers due to their furry texture.

Best Windscreens for Fitness Instructors
There are different windscreens available that are perfect for fitness instructors to use. The foam oval windscreen that we suggest for use with Samson AirLine Fitness Headset Microphones and Fitness Audio Fitness Headset Microphones is an excellent example of a foam windscreen that is ideal for fitness instructors. It's made of foam material, which makes it comfortable to wear and provides excellent wind protection.

Customer reviews of windscreens and foam microphone covers
Why should fitness instructors use windscreens?
Using a windscreen or windsock on a microphone is crucial for fitness instructors. One of the primary reasons for using a windscreen is to capture clear audio for their participants. It also reduces the impact of breathing noise and background sounds, which can be distracting for those taking part in the fitness class.

Microphone cover for Shure SM31 Headset

A windscreen also protects the microphone head from sweat, which could cause damage to the audio equipment and add to the instructor's maintenance cost. The windscreen will prevent sweat from accumulating on the mic head and prolong its lifespan.

As a fitness instructor, it is essential to pay attention to every detail of the class, including your microphone's audio equipment. It's also important to invest in a windscreen to ensure that your audio is crystal clear and free from external noise that distracts your participants.

Samson-E mic-Telex/Oval Windscreens 50-Pack Color

Using a windscreen or windsock on your microphone head not only improves the sound quality but also protects the microphone head from sweat and reduces maintenance costs. So when it comes to your microphone setup, don't forget to include a high-quality windscreen to create a seamless audio experience for all your participants.

Unsure what type of windscreen that you need for your microphone? We can help! We are available via chat, email, and phone to discuss your questions. Or use this online form to request a quote. 

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