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Advances in Technology For Total Member Satisfaction Part 1 - How Gym Sound Systems Create Happy Members

Let’s say your current gym sound systems have been loyal and dependable since its installation. Without clear reasons for an update, advances in technology over the years have substantially improved sound quality, system durability, ease of use, and the system’s ability to function with other devices efficiently. 

For example, cell phones, televisions, computers, and laptops all look and function nothing like their models produced only a few years ago. In some cases, complete technology overhauls and subsequent design updates can make last years’ cell phone designs look prehistoric compared to now. 

Although an annual gym sound system upgrade would likely go unnoticed by you and your members, the noticeable differences become more apparent after around five years. 

During that time, advances in sound output, improved sound quality, system feature upgrades, and system performance would have advanced. 

At first, you may consider an upgrade unnecessary.  If your current sound system works just fine, sounds like you think it should, and doesn’t warrant any complaints, why would an upgrade be a top priority? 

You would clearly hear improvements in sound quality in a side-by-side comparison of your current system vs. a new model. 

If you have not heard what a new fitness sound system should sound like, I guarantee you that your members have enjoyed the upgraded sound experience down the street at your competitor’s studio.  Oh, snap, I went there! 

Let me provide an example I think most of us can relate to. 

Have you ever walked into someone’s home for the first time and notice an unmistakable aroma? It may not be a horrific scent, but it’s distinctive, unpleasant, and as scary as it sounds, totally unnoticed by your friends who live there.   

Funny enough, as a highrise living pet owner, walks aren’t as easy as in a home with a backyard, so pet accidents happen sometimes.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be mortified if the dinner party group came over and told you a hint of urine was lingering throughout! 

Basically, don’t let yourself get used to a pet urine aroma when simply visiting another friends home reminds you of what a well-scented home is and a clear distinction having left home long enough to know what your friends meant when you arrive back home, inspiring you to improve what your friends or members will notice and appreciate every time they visit. 

If your current sound system is the only one you listen to, you would not know what an updated system sounds like until you hear the differences, experience the improved functionality, and use the updated features. 

We are going to dive right into showing you are top sellers with the advanced features that create an elevated experience.   

Coming Up in part 2, we reveal the components with matching technological upgrades that tie your customized gym sound system together. 

Would you like a custom quote for a sound system? Fill out this form and one of our Fitness Sound Experts will get a quote out to you ASAP. For more information on Financing & Leasing Solutions click here. We are also available to discuss your sound system needs, schedule a call here.

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