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MultiMic Cyclemic and Aeromic

MultiMic Cyclemic
We’ve changed the game, with the new, world-first MultiMic! Basically, if the Cyclemic plug fits, it will work! i.e. Our Cyclemic T4 MultiMic will now work with Fitness Audio and Shure transmitters. Use your Cyclemic across multiple studios.

Cyclemic Fitness Headset Microphone

Selecting the right connector:

  • T4 MultiMic - Suits all brands of T4 Connectors including Fitness Audio, Shure, Chiayo, Mipro, Toa, JTS, EV, Telex, and many more.
  • T3 MultiMic - Suits all brands of T3 Connectors including: AKG, Samson, and many more.

 Cyclemic Fitness Headset Microphone

Please select the connector type (4 pin any brand or 3 pin any brand) or brand of your transmitter (battery pack, belt pack) in the drop-down box above.

If you have a Fitness Audio Mini Transmitter - Select 'FA Mini' MultiMic Aeromic We’ve changed the game, with the new, world-first MultiMic! Basically, if the Aeromic plug fits, it will work! i.e. Our Aeromic T4 MultiMic will now work with a Fitness Audio and a Shure transmitter. Use your Aeromic across multiple studios.

Preventing the transmission of germs
More and more Fitness Instructors are realizing the importance of having their own fitness microphones in preventing the transmission of germs between them and their colleagues. This is a fantastic step in improving hygiene practices in fitness centers, however it does pose issues relating to the compatibility of their microphones with the audio equipment at the gyms in which they work. Not all microphones made for one brand can be used with a different wireless brand because of the internal wiring.

Transmitter connector types
Some brands use connectors that have 4 pins (T4 connectors), while others use connectors that have 3 pins (T3 connectors). However, each brand chooses their own wiring of the pins inside the transmitter, so the one microphone will not function in any T3 or T4 transmitter brand as the wiring is different. This is bad news for Instructors wanting to buy their own fitness microphone, especially if they work at different gyms- until now!
Fortunately, Fitness Audio has come up with a world-first, never before seen, solution for this conundrum!

Aeromics and Cyclemics are now manufactured with the new MultiMic connectors. This allows the Aeromics and Cyclemics fitted with a T3 or T4 connector to work in any brand of transmitter with the matching panel plug (connector)!To put it very simply, if our microphone plugs in, it will work regardless of the transmitter’s brand or internal wiring. When first plugging in a new microphone, remember to thoroughly clean the transmitter pack connector with a cleaning kit from AV Now.



The MultiMic connector is a huge development in the audio industry and will save thousands of Fitness Instructors from having to purchase additional microphones just so they can be used at different gyms.
To find out more, contact the AV Now team today.

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