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600 MHz Making Waves - Trade-In Rebates

For Wireless Microphone Users: Information about the FCC 600Mhz Transition
Wireless microphone systems operating between 616-653 MHz and 663-698 MHz and as of July 2020 are now prohibited by law to use. The FCC auctioned these frequencies off and microphone users need to stop using systems on these frequencies. The 600MHz spectrum has been repurposed for new wireless broadband services and is no longer available for use by wireless microphones operating in this frequency range. 


The end date for legal wireless microphone usage in the 600mhz frequency range was July 12, 2020.

What does this mean to wireless microphone users?
Any microphone system or component in this frequency range is now illegal to operate as of July 12, 2020. Additionally, wireless manufacturers are prohibited from repairing 600mhz transmitters and receivers. 

To provide an example:
A Samson Airline 77 replacement headset/transmitter on an "N-series" frequency is now illegal to use as of July 12, 2020. However, a full new Samson Airline 77 Microphone System on the "K-series" frequencies has not been affected and is available for $299.
Note: Samson, Audio-Technica and Galaxy Audio 600Mhz Trade-in Rebate Programs have ended.
Samson rebate info HERE 
Audio-Technica rebate info HERE 
Galaxy Audio
rebate info HERE 
600 MHz Transition FAQs:

  • All wireless microphone systems offered by AV Now are FCC 2020 compliant. 
  • Headset microphones used in body pack type wireless systems are not frequency dependent and are not affected by this transition. However, the body pack transmitters and receivers in these systems are frequency dependent and may be affected. 
  • Transmitter-on-the-headset /"cableless" type microphone systems such as the Samson Airline series, Fitness Audio Mini-TX and Special Projects EVO are frequency dependent and may be affected. 
  • Most (but not all) of the spectrum from 614-698 MHz has been repurposed for use by wireless services and will not continue to be available for wireless microphone use
  • Wireless microphones that operate in the 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) are required to cease operation, effective July 13, 2020.
  • Spectrum will continue to be available for wireless microphone use on TV channels 2-36 (TV band frequencies that fall below 608 MHz), on portions of the 600 MHz guard band (the 614-616 MHz frequencies) and the 600 MHz duplex gap (the 653-663 MHz frequencies)
  • 600.800 MHz is not affected

How do I know if my mic system is affected?
Here's a partial list of popular wireless microphone systems that are affected by the FCC change:

Brand Series Channel/Group Affected Part Numbers
Shure BLX K12, M15 BLX1, BLX4
Shure PG M7 PG1, PG4
Shure PGX L5 PGX1, PGX4
Shure SLX L4 SLX1, SLX4
Fitness Audio U-Series SU630, SU650 SM-716, SDR-5616, SDR-5716   
Samson Airline 77 N1,N2,N3,N4,N5,N6 AH1, CR77
Samson Concert 88 C CB88, CR88
Audio-Technica 2000 D ATW-t210aD, ATW-r2100aD
Audio-Technica  3000 D ATW-R310aD, ATW-T3100aD

Please keep in mind, this list is only a sampling of components popular in the fitness world. Your wireless system may be affected even if it is not listed here.

We're happy to help you determine if your microphone system is affected and direct you to new, legal gear if needed. Please contact us at 800-491-6874 or

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