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Emic Fitness Headset Usage Suggestions

Searching for the best usage requirements for the EMic Fitness Headset Microphone? Learn more in the post about suggested usage and cleaning and maintenance suggestions.

Photo: Microphone case with the Emic Headset and Windscreens


EMic Headset Mic's Usage Limitations:
The EMic is the number one fitness headset in the country for applications where a group of instructors is sharing the equipment.

  • 4+ classes per day is considered to be a heavy-use application.
  • This means that you will need to have 2+ headsets to alternate the headsets between each class.
  • We have 'heavy-use' systems available that include two headsets for studios running 4-6 classes per day.
  • For studios running 7+ classes per day we recommend reaching out to us to go over the best system options for your specific needs.

Groups of Instructors
We know that it can be difficult to get your group of instructors to follow the guidelines of alternating headsets between classes and proper care. So we strongly suggest going over the importance of these procedures with your instructors and coming up with a method for them to track alternating the headsets.

Successful EMic Care Strategies
One method we have seen be successful is to have a chart where the headsets are stored that has each instructor sign off with the day, class time, and which headset they used. The next instructor can see which was used last, choose a different one, mark it on the chart and go teach. This will also allow management to track the headset alternation is actually taking place and who is/is not following the procedure. You can label the headsets, or order multiple colors to differentiate them.

Cleaning Suggestions
It is also important to be aware that using any sort of sanitizer, alcohol, UV or cleaning product on the headset will cause permanent damage to the microphone over time. Wiping the headset down after class with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth is the recommended method of keeping them clean.

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