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NEW E-mic Fitness Headset Microphone MultiMic Connector

NEW E-mic Fitness Headset Microphone MultiMic Connector

The E-mic Fitness Headset Microphone is the perfect solution for fitness instructors who are looking for a sweat-resistant headset microphone that is suitable for group exercise fitness classes. The EMic's noise-canceling microphone capsule makes it ideal for all types of group exercise classes including Jazzercise, Zumba, Les Mills, body pump, HIIT, Barre, yoga, Pilates, etc. With the EMic you can be assured of clear and reliable sound quality, making it an excellent microphone for fitness instructors.

What could make the EMic any better?
This article is not just about the EMic Headset Microphone, this article is about the changes that the E-mic has recently undergone. And trust us, these changes are for the better. Well, to start with, one of the overall constraints that the EMic has faced over the years has been the connector type.

What this means?
Basically, if you would like to use your headset microphone with your Shure bodypack transmitter then you would need to purchase a headset microphone wired for Shure, and then you would only be able to use your headset microphone with your Shure transmitter.

What has changed?
To sum it up, the E-mic Fitness Headset has simplified its connector options/types. The big news is that it has consolidated over seven brand-based connector types into just two connection options (3-pin & 4-pin). 

Multmic- Universal E-mic Emic Connector

Helpful tips for selecting the right connector type

How many pins does my transmitter have?

EMic Fitness Headset T4 MultiMic
If it has 4 pins and is shaped like the below pictures, then you need to select an E-mic Fitness Headset T4 MultiMic which will work with all brands of T4 connectors including Fitness Audio, Shure, Chiayo, Mipro, Toa, JTS, EV, Telex, and many more.

4-Pin transmitter connector

EMic Fitness Headset T3 MultiMic
If it has 3 pins and is shaped like the below picture, then you need to select a T3 MultiMic which suits all brands of T3 connectors including Galaxy Audio, AKG, Samson, Redback, Okayo, and many more.

3-Pin Connectors types for transmitters


For Sennheiser Hirose connector microphone options CLICK HERE.

More about the EMic
As the number of fitness instructors using their own microphones to prevent the transmission of germs continues to grow, so too does the need for compatibility with gym audio equipment. While this is a great way to improve hygiene practices in fitness centers, it can pose challenges when it comes to connecting the microphones to the gym's sound system. In order to avoid any potential problems, it is important for fitness instructors to test their microphones in advance to make sure that they are compatible with the gym's audio setup. By doing so, they can ensure that their classes run smoothly and that their students have a great experience.

The EMic Headset Microphone is a head-worn microphone designed for fitness studios with light to medium fitness use. It has a 12-month warranty valid for up to three non-consecutive classes per day. This is a noise-canceling microphone with a waterproof capsule. The steel cable and sweat-resistant connector make it perfect for gym audio. The E-mic-XL (extra long) version is now available with an extended boom arm, making it ideal for fitness instructors who need a slightly longer microphone that can handle sweaty fitness classes. Whether you're looking for better gym audio or a microphone that can handle your sweaty fitness classes, the E-mic is the perfect solution.

Still need help?
Microphone selection for your bodypack transmitter can be easily done with guidance from AV Now. We understand that you may need help in choosing the right microphone for your gym or fitness class and we are more than happy to provide assistance through chat, email, or even this contact us form. We are confident that we can help you select a microphone that will perfectly suit your fitness-related needs. So don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help - we're always happy to lend a hand!

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