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What does "fitness rated" mean?

What does "fitness rated" mean?

With over 25 years of dedicated service to the U.S. fitness industry, encompassing a wide range of establishments such as large and small gyms, fitness centers, franchise fitness, and non-profit wellness centers, AV Now Fitness Sound has gained valuable insights into effective solutions for fitness sound.

As a specialized professional audio company in the fitness sector, AV Now Fitness Sound has seamlessly integrated feedback from numerous fitness facilities, group exercise programs, and cycle instructors to identify optimal approaches to fitness sound. This unique expertise in fitness sound is unparalleled and not found elsewhere.

What does Fitness Rated™ mean?
A product receives this rating from AV Now Fitness Sound because:

  • It will withstand the unique demands put on it daily by fitness professionals in the grueling group ex environment.
  • It's fitness-friendly, easy to use - especially for our non-technical customers.
  • It's backed by AV Now Fitness Sound's Lifetime Technical Support.
  • If you ever need help with any of our products, contact us for no-charge technical advice and troubleshooting.

We provide specific Fitness Ratings™ for expected performance of wireless microphone systems and headsets in group exercise classes. These ratings will help you best choose the microphone system or replacement headset/transmitter for your application. Sweat is not a friend of microphone electronics so switching out windscreens is a good solution when trying to maintain your microphone.  For those using body-pack transmitters, protect then from sweat using a sport pouch or a latex cover.

Shure GLXD14+ Heavy Use Digital Wireless Microphone System with 2 Aeromic Fitness Headsets

Image above: Shure GLXD14+ Heavy Use Digital Wireless Microphone System with 2 Aeromic Fitness Headsets

When you see the icons below next to a microphone system or headset/transmitter, it indicates this equipment is Fitness Rated™ to handle the number of classes per week listed in the icon. All ratings are 'recommended' usage guidelines for headsets only. They are not part of the headset microphone warranty.

fitness ratingsfitness ratingsfitness ratingsfitness ratingsWhat does "fitness rated" mean?

Alternating transmitters and headsets on a class by class basis is a good way to get the most out of your wireless investment.  Since each microphone headset has a different Sweat Rating, compare your class schedule with our Fitness Ratings and determine if you should make an additional initial investment in a second transmitter and headset. Learn more about sweat ratings HERE.


Why is it necessary to rotate headsets between fitness classes?
An overabundance of sweat can deteriorate a headset microphone quickly, especially in a fitness setting. Certain microphone manufacturers go to the extent of adding a waterproofing material during the manufacturing process to
help slow down the deterioration of components. Even with this extra step, it’s inevitable that the microphone may eventually start sounding muffled or “underwater”.

Extending the microphone's life
To help prolong the life of your headset, AV Now highly recommends letting the headset rest for at least an hour in a well-ventilated area between classes and swap to another dry headset for the following class. This extends the lifespan of each headset by letting them dry out between classes. We suggest hanging the microphone on a hook allowing the microphone to dry properly.

Also, be sure to remove the wet windscreen after each use. The most sweat-affected part of the headset is the diaphragm which is underneath the foam windscreen and the part you speak into. The windscreen protects the microphone from sweat but also helps with the popping noise that sometimes happens when speaking into the headset, think sharp P’s and S’s. Always replace the wet windscreen with a dry windscreen after each use.

Aeromic/Cyclemic Windscreens US - 5-Pack

Image above: Aeromic Fitness Headset Microphone Windscreen

The connector wire and the bodypack transmitter
Another breaking point of a headset microphone is the connector wire that plugs into the bodypack transmitter. Several manufacturers add extra protection, such as additional layers of adhesive shrink-wrap around the connector to offer extra strength, durability, and sweat resistance.  Like the Marine Coating on the Aeromic and Cyclemic's circuit boards that have been applied to protect against sweat.

The connector on the bodypack audio transmiter should also be cleaned with specific products designed for microphones. If you hear “crackling” it could be the sign of a dirty connector. Find transmitter maintenance products HERE or request a quote for your microphone and/or transmitters brand and model specifications HERE.

Total Fitness Microphone Care KitImage above: Total Fitness Microphone Care Kit 

The headset microphones rated fitness that withstand prolonged sweat exposure are the:

AV Now offers many solutions for the sweat problem that electronics face in our fitness world. Additional headsets, windscreens, sport pouches, and microphone care kits can be purchased at or request a quote HERE.
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