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The Online Fitness Coach of Today & The Essential Equipment Needed To Host an Epic Virtual Fitness Class

Now more than ever, people are in search of online fitness classes that can give them the same energy and motivation to push themselves, similar to what they would normally feel in a live group class or at the gym. This is what fires us up!  Is it possible to offer the same energy and motivation being an online fitness coach while hosting a virtual fitness class? Absolutely! 

First off, the fitness industry has rapidly evolved over the last year to meet the changing needs of consumers and integrate new safety regulations to create a healthy environment for gym members. 

Second, to avoid any lost income or revenue, gym owners, personal trainers, and fitness instructors have needed to apply some creative thinking to keep their clients and grow their business by becoming virtual fitness leaders and online fitness coaches.  

There is no better time than now to change the course of your career or set your gym or fitness club up for long term growth and success. The demand for virtual online fitness classes has risen significantly.  It’s no surprise that this is happening in the United States, but recent data shows this same shift in consumer needs on an international level. 

This means that you will have the ability to reach an international audience and capture fans from Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, just to name a few.  You can start earning additional income for yourself and generate revenue for your business now.  What’s holding you back? 


Are You Ready to Become An Online Fitness coach? What will you need? Let’s Dive In!   

You will need a mixer, a wireless mic, a sound system, a video camera and a lighting kit. If you are just starting out and need everything, we got you covered. If you already have some key components, we have put together options to give you specifically what your current equipment roster might be missing.  

A) Already have a Mic and Sound System? This Kit is all About You!

USB Mixer with Cable Connection Kit: This Studio Master USB mixer with cable connection has a built-in stereo USB/Audio interface to allow you to connect this to your desktop or laptop. This will give you top-quality audio to record your voice and provide vocal instructional guidance at the same time as streaming music, similar to a voice-over.  All common cables needed to attach a mic system, and music player are included. 

USB Mixer and Cable Connection Kit — AV Now Fitness Sound


B) Need a Mixer and a Wireless Microphone? This is a Perfect fit!

Virtual Content Creator Kit:  This full virtual mixer kit includes a Samson Airline Micro System.  This rechargeable UHF system is lightweight, comfortable with high-quality sound output.  Your voice will be crystal clear.  This kit comes complete with 2 monitor speakers and a C2S-2 USB mixer. 

Virtual Content Creator Kit for Use with Laptop 


C) Need a Mixer and Speaker? This is it! 

Premium 4 Input 2-Bus Mixer and Monitor Speakers: This Virtual Content Creator Kit comes equipped with a USB Mixer, ready to go with recording and editing software to ensure your content is slick and polished. Additionally, 2 Active Studio Monitor Speakers, easy to connect to your mixer and allows you to hear what your virtual class is hearing from your live streaming video or recording. 

Virtual Content Creator Kit for Laptop - Just Add A Wireless Mic System


D) Need it all?  This kit has Everything! 

Complete Virtual Content Creator Kit:  This Content Creator Kit comes fully equipped with a 4 Input 2-Bus Mixer, Samson AirLine Wireless Mic System and 2 monitor speakers.  These are the must-haves to host an epic Virtual Fitness Class. 

Complete Virtual Content Creator Kit with Wireless Mic System 


Now that you have everything you need for top-quality audio, you are going to need top quality video to match your perfect sound! A video camera can be very versatile. We are seeing some current online fitness stars transition over to the kitchen and show us how to make healthy meals, innovative smoothies, and recommend full plans, in addition to hosting live streaming virtual fitness classes. “The sky is the limit” when it comes to how you want to present your brand.  Being able to shift to different settings, such as the outdoors, or in the kitchen, a high-quality camera will bring it all to life and give you some originality.  Check this out this Zoom Q8 video camera with a built in Four-Track Audio Recorder as our stand out recommendation. 


E) Want your Video Content to stand out?  This is a Must-Have! 

ZOOM-Q8 Video Camera & Audio Recorder: What we love about this Video Camera is that not only does create high definition video, it records high definition audio which makes this a perfect fit for video content creators.  This can be easily connected to your computer as a webcam for live-streaming video. Complete with 2 audio input jacks to connect your wireless mic and music player.  We have created exclusive custom packages available by phone or e-mail only. 

ZOOM Q8 HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder


If you want to have a customized package made just for you to meet your exact needs, follow this link: Virtual Instruction and Streaming Solutions Form: Camera Solution

We will reach out asap with a custom package tailored to your specific needs!

Any video content creator will tell you that if you want to look completely on-point,  it’s all about good lighting. We could not agree more!  Even with perfect audio and video, poor quality lighting will directly affect your overall quality. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to elevate the overall appearance of your video and make you stand out and look like a superstar online fitness coach.


F) If you want to look amazing, this lighting kit is your new best friend! 

Cast Panel: The Chauvet DJ Cast Panel Pack is a complete lighting solution for fitness vlogging and any on-camera presentations. The built-in color temperature presets of the Cast Panel lighting kit that make adjustments easy. Separate control of warm and cool LEDs allows fine tuning to whatever color temperature your production needs. The included removable filter widens and softens light output and because the Cast Panels are battery-operated, you can set the lights anywhere with optional battery packs.

If you have a camera or phone that you are currently using, be sure you have the proper tripod.  We’ve seen our fair share of wannabe YouTube stars who balance their phone on a book, or whatever is on their desk, and it, of course, tips over, they look panicked, we laugh, and this is now what they become known for.  They are popular for a very short time and entirely for the wrong reasons. Trust us on this one! Invest in a tripod, stand, or adapter to be sure you don’t end up on a blooper reel.  We have some great options, all on sale: Stands and Adapters for Cameras and Smart Devices — AV Now Fitness Sound


Check All the Boxes and Strive for Online Fitness Coach Stardom!

Although all of this may make some of you nervous, you are not alone. Everyone out there who has not transitioned their classes to an online model quite yet, most likely share the same fear.  It goes without saying that any fear should turn into excitement!

Hosting virtual fitness classes and becoming an online fitness coach has fast become a necessary requirement to compete in today’s fitness market.  You will now have the tools to set yourself up for long term success and become a leader in virtual fitness.  

Remember that being an inspirational virtual fitness leader means that you have to bring your A-Game from day one, keep consistent, and produce high-quality content so that every student can clearly hear you, clearly see you and feel your energy, all in high definition. Having the right equipment will allow your energy to shine through and keep your students coming back for more.  

In addition, the right equipment will also keep you focused on inspiring your loyal fan-base and motivating them to push themselves harder rather than worry about a technical malfunction. All you want is for the equipment to work and not stress over any technical issues. 

Our goal is to take all the stress and uncertainty out of your transition over to the virtual fitness world. We would like to personally address all of your requirements and offer you Virtual Instructions and Streaming solutions by ensuring that you invest only in the exact components you need to take your business to the next level and start earning revenue today.  We look forward to hearing from you! Fill out this form for a quick response:

The AV Now team is here for you and we assure that you can count on us for support and guidance. A dedicated phone number is yours to call, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or need support with our lifetime technical support. That’s right, for life!  

In addition, every product we sell comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, return the item in unused new condition, with the original packaging, warranty cards & manuals within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Special orders are excluded.   

We are also able to provide financing and leasing options so feel free to reach out and let us know what you need. 

We, of course, wish you huge success, and you make your move into the virtual fitness industry. We know that by having high-quality and dependable equipment will take your virtual content from ok to amazing.  This will grow your fan base and keep your students coming back for more.  

Stay Healthy Out there!  

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