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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders*

Mini to Quarter Inch TS 6 Foot AUX Cord Cable

Brand: AV Now
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Product Info

Aux cord/cable for connecting your iPod (or iPhone or anything with a headphone jack) to the MONO 1/4" (TS) input on the rear panel of the Fit 500 or the Z-Kick PLUS series of speakers. This item is included at no cost with the Z-Kick PLUS 12, Z-Kick PLUS 15, and the Fit 500.
Please contact AV Now if you have a question.

Product details:

  • Mini to Quarter Inch TS Cable
  • 6 foot cable
  • Connect your portable audio player

An auxiliary port (AUX Cord) is the name for a standard communication port. AUX is an asynchronous serial port with an interface that allows the auxiliary input of audio signals for the following devices.

Compatible devices:

  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • Cell phones
  • MP3 players
  • Headphones
  • Portable music players
  • Amplifiers Speakers
  • Computers PC and MAC

The AUX cord is an interface that permits a PC or other device (mentioned above) to transmit or receive data one bit at a time. The AUX port is typically used for audio equipment that receives peripheral sound sources, such as digital music players or audio speakers. An aux port is also known as an auxiliary jack, aux cord, auxiliary cables, aux cable or auxiliary input.

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