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Oval-shaped models are designed to fit the E-mic from Fitness Audio and Samson's QE model. Shure and Audio-Technica headset microphones usually use a round or spherical design. These can all be hand-washed or rinsed. You'll also find temple-pads for Audio-Technica headsets here. Shop microphone foam windscreens for Shure, Samson, Fitness Audio, AKG, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and more.

Easily protect your wireless e-mic fitness headset microphones from spit, sweat and the elements. Help to reduce occurrences of vocal popping and wind noise. Wireless Headset Microphone Windscreens are vital to most aerobics instructor's headset microphones (except the Aeromic and Cyclemic) to achieve maximum audio quality and durability.

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