AV Now Fitness Sound offers a variety of 'Fitness Rated' wireless headset mic systems specifically chosen to suit specific usage, brand preference and style choices. 

The general rule about the wireless systems we offer is: the more expensive systems perform better and are more durable-especially in group ex/fitness usage, where movement and sweat create a tough environment for any headset microphone system.

Fitness Rated Microphone Systems

In heavy use situations (multiple classes per day) medium to higher priced microphone systems will give you the best performance and be a better value in the long run. If you have budget constraints, rest assured that all mic systems offered by AV Now are professional quality and use an aerobics style headset designed for fitness use.

These tips apply to the selection of wireless mic systems and replacement headset mics offered by AV Now Fitness Sound. 

Our 20 years experience providing thousands of wireless mic systems to the fitness industry -and the feedback from our customers about what works well -and what doesn't- means we only offer products that will withstand the demands put on them in the rugged, sweaty group ex fitness environment.