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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders Over $20* Click here.
MYE APP Audio is the best way to provide audio over Wi-Fi to your members

MYE APP Audio is the best way to provide audio over Wi-Fi to your members

Here at AV Now Fitness Sound we are always out looking for the best technology at gyms, fitness centers, and cycling studios. MYE APP Audio is the best way to provide audio over Wi-Fi to your members.

There is also a unique application that your members can use to checkout your class schedules and guide them through different channels.

Here is the information for MYE APP Audio system! 

A professional solution using WiFi hardware to broadcast multiple channels of audio directly to your members' smartphones!

A simple, FREE-to-members download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store enables your members to enjoy audio on their Apple or Android devices from television monitors installed anywhere in your facility. MYE AppAudio can be integrated in any club mobile app. Members can select AppAudio to enjoy TV audio on their Apple and Android devices anywhere in the facility directly from your own branded club mobile app. 

AppAudio features include:

  • Easy member AppAudio downloads from iTunes or Google Play stores provide mobile club TV audio listening anywhere in your facility.
  • Standard systems with no monthly fees.
  • Dialog Enhancement feature for best audio quality during noisy peak hours and for the hearing impaired.
  • Optional AppAudio Mobile Marketing service enables you to connect and motivate your members with direct mobile marketing on their smartphones.
  • Upload promotional banners, special offers, class schedules and more!
  • Lifetime Apple iOS, Android and system software updates.

All systems ship with the AppAudio streaming hardware, signage, a WiFi access point with power injector, and a network switch. Optional upgrades include a 2-space rack to house the equipment.

 AppAudio Hardware & Software 

Q. Are there monthly fees for the AppAudio system and marketing? 
A. Zero monthly fees. 
Q. Do you charge for regular firmware & software updates for routine maintenance? 
A. All firmware and software updates are free of charge during the entire time you own your AppAudio system. 
Q. Does AppAudio have to be connected to the internet? 
A. The standard system does not need to be connected to the internet. We recommend it as all AppAudio firmware & software updates can be done automatically without the need for manual steps to connect to each system.
Q. If I own multiple systems can I get firmware & software updates across all locations at the same time?
A. Yes you have the option to receive all software updates automatically across all locations simultaneously with no interruption of service, no manual connection to each system or the need to create a special VPN. 
Q. Will AppAudio take bandwidth from our member Wi-Fi network or internal network? 
A. No. AppAudio uses a tiny percentage of the internet bandwidth and a modest percentage of the local bandwidth. 
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