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AV NOW Helps The Alaska Clubs ‘Rock the Studio’

Alaska Club Fitness Center Alaska Club Fitness Center

Have you ever asked yourself the question:
Why is it important for Group X rooms to have a great mic system and set-up?

According to Janet Warner, the executive director of group fitness for The Alaska Clubs, music is a key performance indicator for group fitness. Therefore, having a great mic system is essential.

“Music drives the energy of a class, and helps create something that’s so much more than just a few exercises done with a group of people,” said Warner. “It helps create a fun and motivating fitness experience. In order to create that kind of atmosphere, that energy from music, you’ve got to turn it up. A great mic then is needed so everyone in the room can easily hear the instructor’s coaching. A mic also protects instructors from vocal cord overuse or injury. To be honest, not all group fitness instructors (I include myself in this group) are tech savvy. We basically need to plug in and go.”

Here, Warner shares how AV NOW has provided The Alaska Clubs with that ability, making sure their systems are “rocking the studio,” while keeping them user friendly.

CS: How were you introduced to AV Now and why did you decide to work with them?
JW: I met the guys at AV Now at an IHRSA convention. We were seeking solutions for the stereo systems in our group fitness studios and AV Now provided excellent service. We decided to work with them because the solutions provided exceeded our requests — they addressed items in a proactive manner and stayed within our budget. AV NOW continues to provide exceptional service and the response time is great. They stay on top of all the latest technology and work to get us the best possible price on high-quality equipment.

CS: What problems has this partnership solved for your business?
JW: Our partnership has provided consistency among our group fitness studios. Most of our instructors teach at multiple locations within our club network, so having the same equipment is key to user success. In addition, the professional knowledge of the AV NOW staff keeps us up-to-date on options and product knowledge.

CS: Was the system easy to install and use?
JW: Yes, very easy to install and use. The AV NOW staff ensures we have all the necessary parts and that everything is compatible with each other. If we have any issues on the install, the AV NOW staff has been readily accessible to answer questions.

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