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Free Shipping at any dollar amount* for online orders - Check Out Our Blogs
Free Shipping at any dollar amount* for online orders - Check Out Our Blogs

Virtual Instruction Cameras and Lighting For At Home or In Studio

Our collection of Camera and Lighting solutions is designed to be easy to use, of great quality, and dependable for Fitness Instructors. The technology is pieced together to offer you maximum flexibility while not breaking the bank! Cost-effective solutions for every application, contact us if you have any additional questions!


Cameras for capturing your fitness videos need to be selected based on your use of the camera. The key is to set up the camera as a webcam for live streaming or as a recorder to record the class for editing or saving for a later date. It is expensive and tricky to manage if you have one camera that can do both simultaneously. After working with fitness instructors, most use Zoom or a similar platform. Did you know that Zoom also makes cameras? The Zoom ZQ8 camera and the Zoom Q2N-4K are both wide-angle lens cameras capable of recording or being used as a web camera. These devices are not only flexible on how you can use them, both offer audio inputs for connecting audio devices like mixers, mic systems, and music players! These audio inputs can be connected to a USB mixer, mic system, or music source to capture your complete fitness videos in a recording.


The ZQ8 is the larger of the two and has a 2-channel mixer and built-in microphones. The Q2N-4K is smaller in size, has built-in microphones and a 3.5mm audio input to connect other audio gear for recording. Both can accept an SD Card for recording and saving directly to the camera to upload your video recording to your preferred service or keep an archive of your classes. You can also connect these cameras to a USB input on your computer and use them as a web camera. Integrating both cameras with Zoom is seamless. If you prefer to use these as a recorder, connecting to a USB mixer or stereo system is easily accomplished. We offer free sales consultations you can schedule at your convenience to have one of our experienced engineers review your system design and space to help find a way to integrate a camera into your room with your audio.


As gyms reopen and move toward total capacity again, the trend to keep virtual offerings remains in 2021 to offer an additional stream of revenue for business owners. Many gyms needed to use a tablet or computer web camera as a temporary fix while the rooms were empty and class needed to remain. A lot of locations are finding it harder to find the available floor space or shelf space for the computer or tablet to stay in the room. We have put together a simple install easy-to-manage camera solution to be installed on your wall or ceiling. Only $599, this tiny little camera and hardware package features a digital zoom, brightness control, audio inputs, and plenty of other features to maximize the quality and convenience of your virtual classes!



When live streaming, either at home or in your studio, it is also important to consider your room's lighting systems. Lighting has almost as much of an effect on your on-screen image as your camera and lens do. Special considerations must be made for low light or any application with insufficient lighting. If you are in the studio and want to brighten your instructor on-screen, so they shine while teaching virtually, a 2 or 3 point lighting system is something to consider.

Adding 2-3 lighting fixtures will illuminate the instructor and decrease shadows while providing depth to the video. Eliminating shadows is straightforward. With one light source in a room, shadows will be on the opposite side of that light source on your instructor. By adding a second light source, you can fill in those shadows created by the first light. If you want to take it a step further, providing a backlight or instructor spotlight behind your instructor will give more depth to your on-screen image. This allows you to look less 2D and more 3D as a virtual instructor! Contact us for lighting solutions or check out the Virtual Lighting for Streaming section found on this page: Click here! 


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    AV Now Professional Lighting Package for Virtual Instruction

    Professional Lighting Package for Virtual Instruction

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