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Free Shipping at Any Dollar Amount*

Full Club Sound

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Put the Music You Want in the Area You Want at the Volume You Want. Cardio floors, locker rooms, weight training and reception areas have different background music and sound system needs than group exercise rooms. AV Now Fitness Sound can provide you with an affordable multi-zone sound solution that’s easy to install and operate (standard or 70V system). Send or email us a copy of your floor plan and we’ll design a zone music system for your entire facility. You’ll save money and have a great sounding, easy-to-use zone music system with optional paging. Anything, anywhere, anytime!

Call us today! Health Club and Gym Background Music Systems should be easy to operate from one central location and have the ability to send different background music to each area, such as locker rooms and lobbies. Sound systems for cardio rooms need to have motivational thump without being intrusive or distracting to those who just want to workout in peace. AV Now can provide fitness music ceiling sound systems or mount speakers on the walls or beams. We also offer solutions for wireless broadcast to personal listening stations.

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