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Team-Teaching Fitness Classes and How to be Successful!

Team-Teaching Fitness Classes and How to be Successful!

It’s fun to share the stage with another fitness instructor and provide your class with an energizing 45-minute workout.  The excitement when adding a second person onstage can be very valuable. Ask an instructor friend to join you at your next class and you will find that it raises the bar and intensifies the workout.
As in any performance, a bit of planning needs to be discussed prior to the class.  Whether it’s music, routines, lighting or just a quick agenda should be laid out.  Part of the team-teaching strategy will be impromptu and that will create interactions the class will love.
Above all, make sure both of your voices can be heard over the music. Team-teaching wireless microphone systems are a simple way to solve two instructors communicating at the same time.  Shure offers a dual microphone receiver that is neatly packaged and includes two headsets and two transmitters made not to interfere with each other. An additional advantage of the dual-microphone system is that it gives you a backup microphone system if one of the microphones is not working properly. If you currently have a microphone system, you can simply add a second wireless microphone system to accommodate the additional instructor.  AV Now Fitness Sound has several solutions for wireless microphone systems.
Try something new and put together a team-teaching performance and watch your class size grow. Use this coupon code TEAM5 at checkout with purchase of any team teaching system or for any of our complete microphone systems over $300.


If your studio uses special effect lighting, the lighting can be choreographed to your routines and add that extra spice.  

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