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The AV Now Way to Get You The Best Speakers

The AV Now Way to Get You The Best Speakers

A pretty normal part of any shopping experience is to do comparisons between different products, right? We all want to make sure that we are buying the product that best fits our needs; whether you’re concerned with price, durability, or other special features that a product may offer. This applies to every single thing you purchase in your life, whether you realize it or not. Here at AV Now, we realize that this is the shopping process. It can take considerable amounts of time to settle on the product that you want to buy, because you have to do so many different comparisons between various products and companies. If we can make your shopping process just a little bit easier, we want to do that.

A and B testing
We are careful in the selection of the speakers and other sound equipment that we carry. We wouldn’t sell anything to you that we wouldn’t purchase for our own use, ourselves. One of the processes we take to ensure you are getting the best possible speakers, is our A/B testing.

Essentially, we do the comparisons for you. We will gather speakers of the same price range, and compare them to one another. Think of it this way; when you’re looking for a new car, you’ll test drive multiple cars in the same price range, that are pretty similar. They have a few varying features, and you select the car based on personal preferences. That’s the same process that we attempt to help you with, with our speakers. Our A/B testing proves the quality, tone, and longevity of the sound that comes from each of our products.

Helping you select the best speaker from you
We would be wary to recommend one specific speaker as “the best” speaker. Everyone has slightly different needs, so the right speaker for you may not be the right speaker for another customer. We don’t care about that; what we care about, is getting you the right equipment for you. The testing that we do on our equipment is extensive, and all of our representatives are educated on the process.

So you can come up to any one of us, and ask which speaker is going to be best for outdoor parties, a surround sound system in your theater room, or a portable speaker for when you are out and about. And we’ll be able to point you in the right direction, showing you our comparisons, and you can leave knowing you have the best possible sound equipment for you.

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