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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders Over $20* Click here.

What is AtmosphereTV?

Atmosphere TV for Fitness

What is Atmosphere?
Atmosphere is streaming TV for your customers Atmosphere is the world's first and leading streaming
TV service specifically designed for health clubs and gyms.
You get 54 channels of ambient TV programming that your customers can enjoy while they're working out. 

All channels are audio-optional, which means you can run them with the sound on or off – no closed captioning necessary.
Atmosphere also lets you insert targeted messages with easy-to-use fitness signage software. It's entertaining – and informative!
Atmosphere is free*
Rid your screens of SportsCenter reruns, controversial news stations, and talking heads. Atmosphere has several fitness channels designed specifically for your gym plus 40+ other channels for your members to enjoy. 
Through our partnership, Atmosphere has waived setup fees and comes at no cost to you*. 
*So as long as you stream Atmosphere content at least 40hrs/month, cancel at any time. 

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