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What You Should Listen to Instead of Music During Your Workout

What You Should Listen to Instead of Music During Your Workout

We all know the benefits of listening to music while we workout. It helps keep us motivated, and the beat provides us with a pace to maintain as we run, lift weights, or even perfect our breaststroke while swimming laps. While there are some people who prefer to exercise in silence, the vast majority of people make sure to grab their headphones and download their favorite workout playlist before slipping on their athletic shoes and heading out the door.

We know that we love music while we workout, but is there something else that may be better to listen to while we break a sweat? Make your workouts a little educational Getting yourself to the gym and managing to fit a workout into your busy day is already a great accomplishment. And listening to music is a great motivator. But if you’re looking to optimize that hour or two while you’re at the gym, consider plugging in and listening to a podcast instead of music.

A lot of people really thrive on having a beat while they work out, but it’s really easy to zone out and forget what you’re doing while you listen to music. Listening to a podcast helps you give a sense of purpose to workout, as well as giving you the opportunity to optimize that time and learn while you train your body. Why you should listen to podcasts instead of music Many people are making the switch from music to podcasts for their preferred workout audio motivation.

Why? Simply enough, it helps them feel more productive. It’s hard to carve time out of your everyday life to focus on yourself. With work, family, and other relationships, it’s hard to even just spend the time that you need on things such as eating 3 balanced meals every single day. It’s important to make time to workout and take that time out of your day to take care of yourself. If this is the only time you’re able to take for your self betterment every single day, then why not take advantage of that time and listen to a podcast instead of music? You can choose audio books, true crime podcasts, or podcasts that motivate and educate you.

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