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AV Now Tech Corner: Fitness Sound Equipment Rack

AV Now Tech Corner: Fitness Sound Equipment Rack


Welcome to another AV now tech corner. Today we're going to be going over putting together the equipment rack for one of our fitness studio sound systems. These systems are custom designed for the fitness industry and are incredibly simple to assemble and install.

A key feature of our sound systems is that you can easily put this gear together yourself. Our experts are here to support you the whole way by phone email and live chat on our website 

Let's get started
Here's one of our carpeted rack cabinets. We've also got metal ones, plastic ones, some on wheels and some that mount to the wall. This model is just an example and it's what ships with many of our gym sound systems.

  • We recommend laying the rack on its back and setting the components on the rack rails. 

We recommend putting your power conditioner and mixer up top, but you can arrange it however you'd like. Once you've got them positioned the way you like, grab a screwdriver and put in the included screws (we recommend an electric model for speed). 

  1. Now let's turn it around and look at the back. Here's where we're going to hook up the audio and power cables. 
  2. Don't worry we always include a simple guide on what goes where whenever we ship a sound system.
  3. First, we'll hook up our music players to our mixer. Remember: outputs go into inputs. Now let's get our microphone system plugged into the mixer.
  4. This system has an amplifier, so we'll get that plugged in last. Your system might have the amplifier built into the speakers, so this section might be a little different for you. In that case, your mixer will connect directly to your speakers.
  5. Now we need to plug the power cords in for each component. 

    The rack is all ready to go! 

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