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Shure BLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System - Includes E-mic Headset

Designed to meet the needs of traveling fitness instructors or presenters. If you’re traveling to different cities or ex...
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Wireless Mic Systems breakdown

What is a wireless microphone system?

General Definition: A wireless microphone is a microphone without a physical...
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600 MHz Allocation 2017

Your wireless microphone system may be affected by recent changes.  Read below or contact AV Now Fitness Sound for details.

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Samson Airline 88 SWA88AH8 Product Showcase

Samson's AirLine 88 Headset system released at last!  Check out our blog for video and product info ...
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Assembling an AV Now Fitness Sound System Rack

AV Now Fitness Sound's Tech Corner video series.  In this installment, we walk you through the basics of assembling the rack for one of our...
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APPAUDIO WiFi-Based solution for streaming TV and other audio directly to members in cardio areas. Club-wide music streamed to smartphones using...
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About AV Now Fitness Sound


AV Now is your one-stop online solution for Fitness sound systems and Aquatic Exercise Instruction products. Over the last 20+ years, AV Now has become the #1 provider of sound systems for fitness centers in the US. Our installed and portable fitness sound systems are used every day in thousands of facilities across the USA and at Military installations around the world. Everything we offer is chosen because it will withstand the unique demands put on it by fitness professionals. We appreciate your business and never take it for granted. We strive to exceed your expectations for quality, value and excellent customer service.

It's timely to mention AV Now Value. We're an authorized dealer for every brand we sell and all products are offered at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturers. Our low prices, fitness-specific product selection, friendly advice, free sound system design, and lifetime technical support combine to give you excellent value for your money. We give you everything you need for great fitness sound and durability at competitive prices.

We're glad to help you choose the right product for your needs and budget. No question is too small or unimportant, especially with the specialized Fitness Rated products we offer. Call us at 800-491-6874 with any questions.  Whether it's information about the best headset for your class load (or the windscreen for it) or helping you design Group Ex sound, cycling sound systems or cardio background music or full club multi-zone premium fitness sound systems, we're here to help.

We've done our homework over our nearly 20 years of specializing in fitness and aqua-aerobic sound. During this time, we've spoken to thousands of fitness professionals and have added their experiences with gear to our own. Our fitness-specific knowledge of such things as sweat, wireless microphone headsets and number of classes per week, or what type of speakers and amp are needed for a 1,200' cycling studio informs our recommendations. This knowledge is simply not available anywhere else on the personal level we offer. We know what works and will help you figure out what will work best for you.  AV Now does not charge sales tax on orders shipped outside of California.