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Samson's AirLine 88 Headset system released at last!  Check out our blog for video and product info on the most anticipated mic system in fitness sound history.


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AV Now Fitness Sound's Tech Corner video series.  In this installment, we walk you through the basics of assembling the rack for one of our gym sound systems.

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Jul 12, 2016 1:51:15 PM

APPAUDIO WiFi-Based solution for streaming TV and other audio directly to members in cardio areas. Club-wide music streamed to smartphones using an app. Multiple audio feeds and channels supported. No more FM, no more receivers to maintain.

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Sweat and electronics really don't mix, so things can get a little...funky. Cleaning the input connector on a wireless microphone bodypack transmitter is crucial in fitness facilities that use microphones for group exercise instruction. Here's a quick primer on how to do it and the tools needed.

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It’s no big surprise that so many fitness centers and exercise classes start with using a less-than-ideal sound system.  After all, it’s supposed to be about fitness—not listening to music—right?  Nah...

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Surround sound is great in a living room or a movie theater, but why do you want it in your group exercise studio?  We think you don't.

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Feedback. What it is, what it isn't.

Dec 26, 2013 8:00:36 AM

We get a lot of calls from fitness instructors and group exercise directors complaining about feedback on their wireless mic systems.  No problem, we love getting the calls, but we find that there is a lot of confusion about what feedback means in a sound system.

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Why Use a Mic Belt?

Dec 25, 2013 7:07:16 PM

Sometimes, the simple things make all the difference.  We've been selling sound gear exclusively to fitness facilities for a long time, and servicing equipment for almost as long.  We see a whole lot of sweat-damaged, nasty audio equipment, and we know that it doesn't always have to be that way.

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I Just Need New Speakers...

Nov 8, 2013 12:48:36 AM

Here at AV Now Fitness Sound, we get a lot of calls asking us for just speakers to hook up to an existing group exercise sound system.  Great!  We love outfitting your studios with the latest audio gear.  That said, we always like to try to make sure your stereo system is up to a certain standard of excellence.

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AV Now Fitness Sound offers a variety of 'Fitness Rated' wireless headset mic systems specifically chosen to suit specific usage, brand preference and style choices. 

The general rule about the wireless systems we offer is: the more expensive systems perform better and are more durable-especially in group ex/fitness usage, where movement and sweat create a tough environment for any headset microphone system. 

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