Universal Battery Tester


Mic not working?  Is it the battery?  No, seriously, is it the battery?  You'd be shocked at how often a simple battery tester can come in handy.  Our techs have been telling everybody that calls in to get one for years.  So, now you can get one from us!  Tests AA, AAA, 9V, even C and D-cells. 
Do you own a fitness facility?  You need a battery tester!
Do you teach group exercise and use a microphone?  You need a battery tester!
Do you ever use batteries???  You need a battery tester!!!

You'd be shocked how many calls our tech-support department gets that could have been resolved with a simple, inexpensive battery tester.  This is an indispensable tool for fitness professionasl that use batteries on a regular basis, as it will quickly and simply test 9-Volt, AA, AAA, C, D and button-style batteries.

Make sure the problem's not the batteries first!  Make sure the batteries you just bought are actually good!

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