Solid Blank Filler Panels for Rack Enclosures

As low as $8.99

Solid Blank Filler Panels for Rack Enclosures. Don't leave blank spaces in your AV Now Group Exercise Sound System.  Black, powder-coated steel panels improve the look of your entire sound system, while preventing miscellaneous items and dust from getting inside and to the back of the sensitive equipment.  A small investment to enhance your larger ones.

Solid Blank Filler Panels for Rack Enclosures.  4 sizes (racking heights) available:

1-space - 1.75"
2-space - 3.50"
3-space - 5.25"
4-space - 7.00"

Fill in the blank spaces in your group exercise sound system rack cabinet.  Keep your system looking professional and dust-free.

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