Samson Airline 77 with UM1

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Samson Airline 77 wireless mic system with battery-powered receiver. The perfect add-on to a portable speaker system.

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Samson Airline 77 with UM1
Samson Airline 77 with UM1

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    This unit is affected by the FCC 600 MHz Auction which will eventually make its use prohibited by law after a transition period. Our most current information estimates that the transition period will be approximately 3 years, ending summer 2020.  This estimate may change over time. Click here for more information.


    Samson Airline 77 headset microphone with onboard AH1 micro-transmitter paired with a battery-powered UM1 receiver.

    Add this kit to your portable or battery-powered speaker for ultimate portability.

    Headset Info:

    Samson's breakthrough micro circuitry allows the AH1 headset to operate on a tiny triple-A battery with 14-hours of life. Plus, AirLine transmitters give you great sound and reliable wireless reception over long ranges, wherever you use it. And UHF (Ultra High Frequency) means your wireless system is operating on a much clearer frequency band with less interference.

    AirLine 77 is Samson’s newest version of the AirLine series that features the first micro-technology transmitters in the industry. Traditional wireless systems consist of belt-packs and wires that hinder the performer. With AirLine, you get a true wireless system because there are no belt-packs and no cables, allowing the user complete freedom.

    The AirLine headset transmitters feature the Samson QE Fitness microphone elements. The QE headsets were designed to go around the back of your head rather than over the top. This allows the transmitter to be attached directly to the headband, out of the way and completely unobtrusive, while being comfortable and secure during performances or exercise routines.

    All of the AirLine transmitters operate on inexpensive and lightweight AAA batteries that offer 14 hours of operation on a single battery.

    Receiver Info:

    Truly compact, the UM1 receiver mounts easily onto virtually any type of speaker (or video camera!) using the supplied strip of Velcro. 

    Equipped with sophisticated circuitry for superior reception and crystal-clear audio, the UM1's wide range of features make it ideal for commercial videographers, corporate and broadcast video professionals. The unit includes a pair of tuned antennas and provides both balanced and unbalanced outputs (with three-position output level switch) and a headphone monitor output with continuously adjustable level control. The UM1 also features an audio peak LED, dual receiver indicators, and an RF strength meter.

    The true diversity technology on this receiver also maximizes active range (up to 300 feet) and reduces potential interference problems through automatic switching between two independent receivers. Additionally, built-in companding noise reduction in all components ensures crystal-clear sound with minimized background noise and hiss.  

    Operates on a single, 9-Volt battery.

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