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Symetrix Jupiter 4 Software-Controlled 4-Input 4-Zone Mixer

SKU 80-0043
Brand: Symetrix
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Product Info

Symetrix's Jupiter 4 top features include High Feature to Cost Ratio.  Near zero programming time slashes installation costs. The Jupiter offers an innovative and unique approach to DSP. Turn-key designs cover a wide range of applications including 85 downloadable apps and near zero programming time for rapid deployment.

Product highlights:

  • Jupiter 4 (4 in, 4 out)
  • 85 Turn-key Apps
  • Categories include mixing and routing, public address/distribution, sound reinforcement, special purpose DSP
  • Signal routings, whether simple or complex, are fully tested and ready to go right out of the box
  • Jupiter 4 Data Sheet
  • Jupiter 4 Quick Start Guide

Control Made Easy.  Multiple control options include low-cost Symetrix ARC wall panels and an easy to generate SymVue Windows virtual GUI. The human readable Composer Control Protocol supports programming of third-party touch screens and control devices.

An Embedded Web Server for Even More Control.  Jupiter’s embedded web server hosts ARC-WEB – a browser-based interface for smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Incredible Sound.  An abundance of DSP resources power apps that are packed with features like dynamics, EQ, FIR filters, feedback fighters, loudspeaker management, automixing, and matrixing.

Help is built in.  The software connection wizard provides fast and easy IP linking to the DSP hardware. 

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