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EASY BUY 4000 Group Exercise Sound System


Product Info

Double subs! Massive impact! The EASY BUY 4000 features a total of 3,400 Watts of rumbling power from two 15-inch E.V. speakers, and two 18-inch Subwoofers in an extremely compact rack. Full Android/iPhone capability, featuring a wireless microphone system and the clean power and flexibility of an 8-outlet power conditioner.

A new style of sound system for a new style of group ex sound. Powered speakers, including two massive subwoofers, gets you high-impact bass and clean, powerful highs. Perfect for group exercise studios under 3,500 square feet, this system is customizable to your exact specifications.

Product highlights:

  • fitness studios under 3,500 square feet
  • high-impact bass and clean, powerful highs
  • customizable to your exact specifications
  • 3,400 Watts of earth-shaking power
  • elite-level sound system package
  • wireless microphone system
  • clean power and flexibility of an 8-outlet power conditioner
  • thunderous subwoofer
  • lifetime tech support


1 - Power Conditioner with Lights
1 - 12 rack-space case
1 - Flexmix Fitness Mixer
1 - Fitness Audio Aerolink Bluetooth player
2 - XLR to 1/4" patch cables
1 - CD200IL iPhone/iPod docking CD Player

2 - 50' XLR and AC Power Bundled 'Siamese' Cables
2 - 25' XLR
and AC Power Bundled 'Siamese' Cables (to attach subwoofers)
1 - Shure BLX mic system with E-Mic headset (additional options available)
1 - Rackmount Kit for BLX47 receiver
2 - Electro-Voice ZLX-15P Powered Speakers (1,000W RMS amplifier, 15" drivers)
2 - Electro-Voice ELX118P Powered Subwoofer (700W RMS amplifier, 18" driver)
2 - Wall-Mount Speaker Brackets (Mounting Poles to mount speakers atop subwoofers also available)
1 - 4-space Storage Drawer
Warranty: 3 years speakers, 1 Year everything else
View: AV Now EZ Setup Guide

Starting with two of Electro-Voice's ZLX-15P Powered Loudspeakers with built-in 1,000 Watt amplifiers, the Easy-Buy 4000 System takes it up a notch (several notches, really) by adding TWO of EV's thunderous LiveX 18" subwoofer. That's a total of 3,400 Watts of earth-shaking power! Take your facility's group programs to the elite level with AV Now Fitness Sound's exclusive new sound system packages.