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DragonFly Weatherproof Portable PA Speaker System

Brand: Technomad
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Product Info

The ULTIMATE portable PA system is light, weatherproof and loud with a long battery life. At half the size and weight of popular commercial-grade systems this workhorse's top feature includes up to eight hours of full power operation from its internal battery. The DragonFly redefines what's possible in a compact all-in-one PA.

Technomad DragonFly Weatherproof Portable PA System is the ULTIMATE portable PA system. Top features include; it is light, loud, it has a long battery life and it is weatherproof. The Dragonfly is half the size and weight of popular commercial-grade systems with up to eight hours of full power operation from internal battery.

Product features:

  • Fully weatherproof
  • Small, less than 1 cubic foot
  • Lightweight- just 23 lbs.
  • Wireless microphone built-in

More Info

The DragonFly gives you the best possible audio in a compact and reliable design that will serve you for years. Fully weatherproof, the DragonFly can easily be transported and set up by one person. A molded in stand-mount socket on the bottom of the unit and inserts on the sides for yoke mounting give the DragonFly a range of deployment options.

Technical features:
  • 122dB SPL continuous output
  • Microphone and line level inputs – connect your phone or other audio source
  • Fast charging, lightweight LiFePo battery pack
  • Can drive 2nd Auxiliary Loudspeaker
  • Full Range Neodymium coaxial transducer
  • Expansion Slot for Schedulon MP3 player/ recorder, CD player, second wireless microphone or audio distribution module
  • Gasketed cover for control surface
  • Integrated smart charger for battery pack – charge and run from 110-240 V AC power, 12-24 V CD power.


  • Schedulon audio player with auto-play & recording
  • Auxiliary Loudspeaker
  • Audio Distribution Modules: Ethernet Wireless (900Mhz) / Twisted pair
  • All day battery pack (external)
  • Yoke-mount bracket
  • Additional wireless microphone
  • CD player module


  • Battery Pack
  • Tripod
  • Expansion Speaker – double your output!
  • 2nd Wireless Mic (in expansion slot)
  • CD/Mp3 player (in expansion slot)
  • Schedulon Automatic Audio Player


Physical Specifications:
  • Height 14.5 in. | 36.8 cm
  • Width 8.25 in. | 20.9 cm
  • Depth 14 in. | 35.5 cm
  • Weight 23 lb. | 11.3 kg


  • Rigging points: 2x 1/4-20 threaded inserts on top (handle mount points)
  • Yoke mount points: 2 x 1/4-20 threaded inserts on side
  • Standmount socket: 1x 1.5” socket on bottom of unit Handle:
  • 1x Strap Handle
  • Cabinet: LDPE, rotationally Molded Grill: Powder-coated stainless steel

General Specifications:

  • Audio Inputs: 1x XLR, mic. level 1x 1/4, line level
  • Audio Outputs: 1x Neutrik NL4MP
  • Amplifier Wattage: 200W RMS into 8 Ohms
  • Power Inputs: AC power (90-240vAC) DC power (12-24vDC)
  • Battery: 5AH NiMH Operational Life: 5 hours full operation 10 hours stand-by

Audio Performance Specifications:

  • Frequency Response (+/- 2 dB): 90 Hz – 18 kHz M
  • aximum Output (long term): 121 dB SPL
  • Maximum Output (peak program): 124 dB
  • HF Dispersion: SPL 70°V x 70°H
  • Audio specifications based on ALMA EIA 426B test protocols

Advantages vs ‘consumer grade’ Systems:

  • Weatherproof the Dragonfly is the ONLY fully weatherproof full-range portable PA on the market
  • Featuring Technomad's unmatched lineage of outdoor audio products
  • Lightweight (we use NiMH batteries and Neodymium drivers)
  • Full 200 watts RMS power during battery operation (many other systems have lower power spec when battery-driven)
  • Integral charger
  • Runs from 110-220V AC power AND 12-24V DC external power
  • Coaxial driver for point-source audio
  • Standard built-in wireless mic
  • Expansion bay allows you to add modules (2nd Wireless Mic, Schedulon audio player/recorder, CD Player, etc) to meet the needs of YOUR application.

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