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Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders* - In-Stock Orders Ship Within 1-2 Business Days
Free and Fast Shipping On Online Orders* - In-Stock Orders Ship Within 1-2 Business Days

E-Mic Fitness Headset Microphones designed for Fitness Instructors

- 9 connector types available -

Compatible with Fitness Audio Transmitters, Galaxy Audio, Shure, Samson, AKG and ANSR, Audio-Technica, Mi-Pro and Sennheiser transmitters.

E-mic Headmic Facts

~ Questions and Answers ~

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Free Sound System Estimates for New Construction and Refreshes - We provide pre-configured solutions based on room and class sizes, type of programming, microphone systems and media playback but we also provide free custom sound system estimates.
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What is a wireless microphone system?

Headset mics don’t transmit anything and aren’t frequency dependent. The bodypack and receiver are the “radio” components in the wireless system. The headset is simply the mic.  In theory, any headset mic should work with any bodypack transmitter.
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What other accessories will I need with my E-mic Headset microphone?

AV Now is constantly looking out for the best wireless microphones and sound systems for Fitness Professionals. Here is just a sampling of our best sellers and accessories, from receivers, transmitters and any audio equipment in between.

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It’s the 'E for Exercise', sweat-protected headmic for the independent fitness Instructor that’s

suitable for most Group Fitness instruction at the 2-to-3 classes a day level.  ~

Steel Cable - Better Sweat Performance

Don't put up with mics that have expensive windscreens, mics that fall off your head and don't fit, mics that bounce around in front of your face reducing your voice volume, or mics that have weird and uncomfortable temple pressure pads.

Can fit almost every head shape

Shorter Boom Arm - Better Fit for smaller heads

Also available in Extra Large with a longer Boom!

Rated at 20 aerobics classes per week

One of your best tools to be an effective teacher!

Noise-canceling microphone

The noise-cancelling capsule makes it ideal for gentle exercise teaching like Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Fitness, whether indoors or out. It's also great coupled with our Portable PA Systems.


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